Back to school


I don’t know about you but I start school tomorrow so I wanted to give you a cool outfit option for the first day of school . The blazer I chose because of the color it reminded me of fall leaves and also the fit is a bit looser which makes the outfit more relaxed the jeans I liked because of the pattern , I am not a big fan of jeans that have patterns but these ones I though were great .THe peachy pink blouse is really simple great for adding a statement necklace over like this cool honeycomb motif one. So this fall I am really loving the ankle boots I think they are really great you can wear them with shorts if you are not ready to say goodbye to your favorite pair of shorts or a dress anything you want you can get them with different heights whichever you feel comfortable in .this pair I just purchased for myself yesterday and I think there really great I also both another pair that have a little heal because you know I have to have my heals but I do think I am going to go fore these ones for the first day just because of comfort reasons.ANd last but not least my favorite new thing is this amazing bag that I am I inlove with I think is the perfect bag for school.

PS. I am really sorry that I have not posted lately . If you have any requests of posts you would like to se pleas leave a comment and also if you have any thoughts about my posts pleas leave comments I would really love to see what you think about them.

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