Fall dresses


With fall coming I tend to get in a rut of jeans and tops just because i find it easier and it comes natural to me to just go for my favorite pair of jeans and a top.DOn’t get me wrong I’ m not saying there is something wrong with jeans and a top , all i’m saying is that variety is good. All that being said I decided to give you three options of great dresses for fall . The white knit dress is a great cozy dress fore those cool fall days when you want to dress in warmer clothes . The long sleeved dress is another great option that I think would be appropriate for the fall whether . The last dress you might think is not warm enough for fall but the material is brocade (which as you might know is very much in trend this fall) but brocade is a very thick material making it great for cooler whether .
Hope you find this post useful, if you have any thought about it pleas leave a comment .

PS. This post will be followed by one in which I will give you an option for how to style one of these dresses .

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