Review : Burjois Flower perfection foundation


A month ago I was having really bad skin problems so I went looking for a new foundation with high coverage power, I ended up buying the Burjois Flower perfection foundation , which was a gamble because I had never tried anything from Burjois but when I swatched everything this one had the most coverage of all , and that was what soled me on it.
Packaging : The packaging in my opinion is to bulky because of the cap that has included a sponge that is pretty much useless . I did try to use it but even after dampening it , the sponge sucked up all the product and it did not apply well.
Coverage : The coverage is very good like I said , my only concern was if it was going to be cakey but it ended up being ok for the amount of coverage that it gives.
Range of shades: The range of shades is not very diverse ,and one thing you should know about Burjois foundation is that they have a yellow undertone so if you have a pink undertone maybe this is not the best brand for you.
Application: Because of the high coverage power I advise blending it very well, I find that using my fingers to apply is the best way to do it , or you can also use a flat kabuki brush.
Durability : I’ve been using the foundation for a month now and am very happy with its lasting power, I wore it for up to 10 hours and it looked fine. One thing I do not like is that it rubs off easily on cloths so I need to be careful with that.
Where you can get it from: I bought mine from a store called Douglas but I think it is a Eastern European store , if you live in the UK you can find it in Boots , in the United States I don’t think you can get it in the drugstore but you can order it online I recommend buying it from rather then amazon because it is a lot cheaper and they also have free delivery.
Price: in Boots you can find it for 10.99£ , on it’s 18.42$ and on it’s 25$



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