Oh the struggles of finding the perfect prom dress

I finally reached that time in a girls life when the stress of finding the second most important dress of your life (after your wedding dress of course) is taking over your life. There are more important things for me to think about of course like getting good scores on my finals or making up my mind on which college I’m going to go to but of course I cannot concentrate on any of that while I have not found my dress!
It is such an important time in my life and I want to look back on it and remember how happy and confident I was. But finding THE DRESS is proving to be a pain in my you now what. It has to be a flattering shape it has to be a color that looks good on my complexion and the list goes on and on and the options are definitely limited.
Another big question is how much I want to spend on it , I mean the budget my parents set is not going to work but that wouldn’t be such a big deal because I’ve been saving up but I also want to redo my room and that certainly is more important that a dress I’m only going to wear once in my life , or is it ? I don’t know what to think anymore and my searches so far have been a disaster and I’m starting to panic because the big day is in a month .
Sorry for posting this probably most of you don’t really care but I just needed to vent so if you managed to read this thing thru thank you and any advice would be much appreciated .

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