Small Spring Haul

Spring has finally come where I live which has made me want to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe but considering that I am supposed to be saving up for my prom dress and new furniture for my room I couldn’t do that but I did let myself buy a couple of pieces that are more universal so that even if they aren’t a lot I could work with them in creating as many outfits as possible


This skirt is from H&M and I thought it would be a great basic for spring and summer , it also goes great with a lot of pieces that I already have in my closet . Price 17.80$


This great peplum blouse is from Zara and I am absolutely in love with , I actually got it in the sale so I don’t think you can find it anymore. It’s a great addition to my spring wardrobe and going back to the versatility point I have already worn it in a couple different outfits and it is a great very flattering piece.



The two necklaces above are both from H&M and I really recommend you to go and check out their new collection of accessories , I really think they have some great affordable pieces. One advice I can give you ,if you want do spruce up your wardrobe on a tight budget, is to invest in great accessories it can really bring new life to an outfit . Prices 1: 8.65$ 2 : 11.60$


Another piece courtesy of the new H&M accessories collection is this turquoise shoulder bag, what really drew me to it was the color even tough I’m not really the biggest fan of color I really love turquoise . Price 14.95$


The Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polishes are probably my favorite and I just added two more shades to the family that I think will be great for spring. The colors are 835 Bright Back at You ( the mint green one ) and 500 Caramel Cupcake (the nudy pink one) . One thing I have to say is that I think they changed the formula and I’m not really impressed with the new one , it might be just because their brand new and I usually prefer my nail polishes when they get a little bit dryer but we shall see because I really like these shades. Price 3$


The last thing in this haul is this new foam face wash from Nivea . I have been using the Clinique one for blemishes but I ran out and I needed a new one so I got this one that really does just as good of a job as the Clinique one at a fraction of the price. I should also mention that I got the formula for sensitive and dry skin but they also have one for oily and combination skin.if anyone is interested in a review I would be more than happy to do one just leave a comment requesting one Price 3-4$

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