Simple OOTD (running errands )

I’m a pretty nosy person therefor I love seeing bloggers outfit of the day posts, it gives me a small inside into their lives. Consequentially I’ve decided to do one myself just to see how you guys like it, I have to confess that it was probably not the best day to start doing these because today was a pretty uneventful day , I just went to school to drop off a couple of thing and I had to run some errands so I kept it casual and simple regardless, hope you like it and if you want to see more just let me know by leaving a comment or liking the post.


I also forgot to take an actual picture of me wearing the outfit so I decided to lay it out and take a picture that way . I liked the way it turned out but if you would prefer pictures of me while wearing it just leave a comment.


The outfit is pretty simple with basic pieces that are staples in my wardrobe . The dark wash jeans are one of my favorite pairs, they are not supper skinny having straight leg cut that I think looks the best on my body type. These are from a store called Collins I don’t know what other countries have it but there are many other stores where you can get these type of jeans in any price range. The top is from Zara , it’s from their Basics collection but again you can get this top anywhere.
My shoes are from Humanic and they are a sort of loafer in white and blue stripes , and they are extremely comfortable great for running around. The bag is from a store called Bata , I’ve had it for over a year now and I really love it especially in the summer .
My statement necklace is from a boutique so I don’t think you could find another just like it but you could add any other statement necklace that you may have just so that your outfit is not as simple.

Hope you enjoy and any thought you might have regarding this post or any other you might like to see just let me know.

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