October BEAUTY favorites



This past month I decided to reduce my skincare routine to a couple basics and try to use as little product as possible , therefore, for this months favorites I chose only one skincare product , but one that I have been using for almost a year now and I recommend wholeheartedly . It is the La Roche-Posay Effaclar-Duo , you may have heard of it seeing that it has been quite hyped up on the beauty blogs. It is a spot treatment  for more mature skin ( when I say more mature I refer to skin that is not necessarily teenager). It also claims to reduce pores but I don`t use it on my cheeks so I can`t say how much it helps in that department but , what I can say is that it really helps with spots especially with hormonal breakouts.


Firstly I chose the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation , which was the foundation I used most this past month and have been loving ever since the summer. It is a full coverage foundation with a matt finish so you should keep that in mind if you want to try it out I wouldn`t  recommend     it if you have dry skin because it will cling to dry patches .

My other favorite is my first MAC Lipstick (I don`t know what has taken me so long to try it) it is in Rebel , quite a daring colour but if you are like me and like dark lips for fall you would love it too. The lasting power is great ,probably the best out of all the lipsticks I have , keep in mind that it is a Satin finish I don`t know how the others behave.If you like plum undertones but the color scares you , keep in mind that you can sheer it out and it looks great ( I use my fingers to do this )


My favorite nail polish this past month has been the Mabelline  Colorama nail polish in the color number 16 . It is a nice dark red shimmery polish that only needs one coat to be opaque (who doesn`t love that?)


It hasen`t been that cold this month so I have been moisturizing with a lighter moisturizer , the Garnier Body Intensive creme , The things I like most about it is that it absorbs fairly quickly into the skin , and that it has been formulated for sensitive skin and it doesn`t have any bad things in it.


I have been using a loot more heat on my hair than usual and it has left it more brittel , so I am trying to counteract this with a leave in conditioner( and a couple other products) Swarzkopf Ultimate Repair leave in conditioner. I don`t spray it directly on my hair but I do 2 sprays on my hands and then I work it in , I use this method because if I spray it directly  on my hair I use way to much product to try and cover all my ends and it ends up looking greasy.


What have you been loving? I would love some more beauty recomendations.

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