Christmas wish list

That magical time of the year is approaching fast, and I for one have started to think about what to put on my list for Santa. And  thought that it would be helpful for some of you to get inspiration for presents or even add some of them on your own list. These are the things I am actually asking for but I think I will be doing a couple other Gift idea post until Christmas  , so if you have any request for Christmas or Holidays related posts I would love to do them.

Smashbox value set.

I generally love gift sets because I belive they are a great way to try different products without having to go all out and buy the entire product when there is the possibility that you will not like it. I (for now) am thinking of asking  for this one from smashbox that comes with a BB cream , primer , powder and a small kabuki brush, Smashbox is not available where I live but I found it on whitch delivers to a lot of countrys, so if like me you have been itching to try different brands but they are not available in your country try seeing if Nordstroms delivers in your country because they have all the different brands you have ever dreamed of. also offer free deliveries and returns



I have recently finished my beloved Coco Mademoiselle perfume  , so I am in need of a new one and I think I will be asking for the Chloe Original perfume. I don`t belive in giving perfumes as gifts unless you know for sure that the person wants that exact fragrance . Perfumes are such a personal thing that there is no full proof method of choosing one for someone else.



This will probably be what I will be buying with the money I get for Christmas .The watch is a Michel Kors from (is where I found the biggest selection and the best prices).


Real techniques brushes

These are the best high quality brushes that you will ever find for a really good price. I have heard great things about all of their brushes , especially about the Expert face brush that comes alone , and I also want the  face brushes set that comes with some really nice brushes that I am sure to use every single one. If you are not interested in these specific sets just take a look at their selection I am sure you will find some that will peak your interest.


Michel Todd skincare regiment

I am in a continual battle with my skin and this is my next pick of weapon to fight against it .I have heard a loot about the Michel Todd true organics  line and I am really intrigued to try it out and see how my skin responds to a more natural approach . I have chosen the skincare regiment for sensitive and breakout prone skin but they have a couple different regiments for different skin types or skin problems as well as the products separately . They also offer the possibility of buying trials of their regiments for a lower price.

The Michel Todd website has world-wide delivery so you can try it wherever you may live.


3 thoughts on “Christmas wish list

  1. I’m going to check out for smash box, having two teenage daughters and one almost there, I need inspiration for what Santa will bring them! Thanks for the ‘like’ on my own ‘new beauty routine’… 🙂 Great site, I should show my girls…

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed my blog , I think you will find a great selection of value sets on the Nordstrom website. If you come back in a couple of days I will be posting a couple of gift guides the first one being for 13 to 18 year demographic you might find some more inspiration.

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