SWEATER weather




When it came to sweaters I used to be very exact (boring) as to what I liked , warm ,comfy , oversize, and basic. As long as it was warm enough and it covered my bum it was perfect for me  I would wear them with leggings  and if I was feeling fancy I would add a statement necklace. But this  season I tried to expand my horizons and try different styles from patterns , different textures and even some cropped sweaters that look really great with dresses that otherwise wouldn`t have made their way into my cold weather wardrobe. Here is a selection of different sweaters that I have been liking and hopefully they will inspire some of you.



1. Fluffy black sweater ; H&M 20$

2. Patterned sweater ; ROMWE.COM 32$

3. Soft V neck ; Zara 80$

4. Plaid sweater ; NewLook.com  30 EUR

5. Red cropped sweater ; ROMWE.COM 20$

6.Grey cabelknit sweater ; ROMWE.COM 26$    

7. Silver sweater ; NewLook.com 23 EUR

8.Off white oversize sweater ; ROMWE.COM 31$

9 BOOBLE sweater ; ROMWE.COM  33$







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