How I style hoodies

The sport-LUX trend has been around for a while and last month I bought  a hoodie on a whim and when I got home I was already regretting it , it is not that I didn`t like it anymore I just tought that I wouldn`t wear it , it was just so out of my comfort zone . But since then my beloved hoodie has become one of my most worn pieces. Below you have one proposal of outfit but they can be very easy to wear and the great thing about them is that they make any outfit more casual if you really wear something like a pair of faux leather pants, or a dress that might not be so appropriate for the daytime. With an outfit as neutral as this one I would wear a bold dark lip something like MAC Rebel and as for accessories I would add a bunch of stacking rings and knuckle rings and even a beanie (black , white or burgundy).


1.Bag ; 129$

2.High waisted jeans ; 65$

3.Croped hoodie ; ROMWE.COM 34$

4.Wellies : 80$

5.Jacket ;  34$


6 thoughts on “How I style hoodies

  1. Great fashion advice! How pieces are paired and the make-up accents, accessories really make an outfit. That’s so true when wearing true vintage ensembles or just accenting with a vintage piece, too. Thanks for visiting my fun, and I hope I’ll see you often. I publish a photo of true vintage fashion from my own closet every day.

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