NOVEMBER Favorites



Mary-Lou Manizer from TheBalm , it was the first single highlighter that I ever bought , and this past mont I have really been into doing the whole contouring and highlight thing. I also use it sometimes to highlight my eyes in the inner corner .It’s a soft, shimmering champagne with subtle gold tones. It’s not the subtlest highlighter, but it’s not glittery, heavy, or overly shimmery either. It seems to have a combination of noticeable shimmer and subtle, glowy sheen. I think it’s a very pretty shade–ultra flattering on most skin tones–but it is absolutely gorgeous on warmer skin tones.  (Again, this should work beautifully on cooler skin tones, too!)

Nail polish

As the holiday season is approaching I am getting more and more into glitter polishes ,and this one (Nicole by OPI, The next CEO) is probably my all time favorite one, bold statement I know but I stand by it. It is not the kind of glitter polish that you put over another color it needs two or three coats but you achieve a very pretty effect . What I like most about it is the fact that its almost a nude nail polish in the sense that it makes you fingers longer and slimmer like a nude nail polish but at the same time is very special while not being to much or to tacky.


I am sorry for being so predictable but I want to be honest with my favorites and show you what I have really been loving, with that being said what I have been wearing most this past month are these pair of black legings from Zara. They are ultra comfortable , thicker that my other leggings ( it’s really gotten cold where I live) and so easy to work into any outfit. They are a little shinier , not as much as the disco pants but if you aren`t comfortabe with your legs you might not feel very comfortable in them.


These boots I showed in my “How I style hoodys “post and have been wearing them way to much this past month , when it rained , when it snowed or any other day I felt like it. I am seriously ashamed about how much I`ve been wearing them .


First on my list of random favorites is the Tv show Reign , it is an american TV show that is supposed to folow the life of Queen Mary of Scots while living at the French court. Well that is pretty much where the historical content stops but I still thoroughly enjoy it . It is made for a teenage public so if you are more mature you might not like it but I still think you should try it because my mom started watching it and she is more hooked than I am.

My second random favorite is this drink  ( Brambleberry )that I buy from Starbucks it is from Tazo , so if you live in the US I think you can find that brand pretty much everywhere,  it is a mixture between tea and fruit juice and it also has some cinnamon and a few other different spices , I swear to you it is my new drug of choice , I did try the peach flavour and didn`t like it that much but the Brambleberry one is the most amazing thing ever I completely recommend it if you happen to stumble upon it.

What have you been loving? Let me know , I would love some ideas because guess what , November is over and that means my no buy november is over , uuuuu huuuu I survived. I am going to go creazy next time I get to the mall.

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