Weekend for yourself


We get so caught up in our daily routines, and we just forget to give ourself time to relax and just do whatever we want. That is why I think that each one of us should find time in our busy schedule to take care of us and forget about all the stress our lives offer. Even if you can`t realisticly give yourself an entire weekend off , you can do a day off or just the evening. It`s not necessarily about how much time you have although you should try to give yourself as much time as possible, it`s about clearing your head of all your worrys and treat yourself to whatever you want to do and never find the time to do it. Here are a couple of ideas of what I will be doing this weekend hopefully you will get inspired to try it yourself.

1. Baking , personally this is probably the activity that relaxes me most , I put on some music and dance around while loosing yourself in what you are doing, that is probably why I find it so relaxing because I need to really pay attention to what I am doing and  it takes my mind off everything else, the result is not so bad either (I am not talking about the dishes because that can be REALLY bad, just leave those for later its your weekend off). I also try to give myself permission to eat whatever I want , nothing makes a woman happier than chocolate or ice-cream. If this looks like to much work for you keep on reading I have more ideas you might like.

*Dark chocolate brownie recipe

*Chocolate&caramel flapjacks recipe

2.SHOPPING, and I don`t mean the “I need to find this and that , and someones birthday is coming up I need to find the perfect present” because that sort of shopping can get really stressful and so not enjoyable anymore. I mean getting some friends together going for a coffee, gossip , try on some clouds you know you can`t afford but they feel so good on . And even if you prefer being by yourself  , walk around , browse don`t look at the clock you have as much time as you want.And most of all treat yourself even with one thing you have always wanted but never tought you would buy it for yourself, and NO BUYERS REMORSE, its your weekend after all.

3. READ if you are like me you already have a long list of books you have been itching to read but haven`t yet found the time to read them, you might have a hobby you would like to read more about , or just go into a book store and find something you think might be interesting. It really is a great way to lose yourself into another world while forgetting yours.

*Best Books of 2013 

4. Movie or TV Show marathon, basically  veg out on the couch with a bag of popcorn and a cup of hot chocolate. I am sure you have a Tv show you have been wanting to watch or catch up on , or maybe you are more of a movie person it dosn`t matter you will forget all about your daily stress and lose yourself in the storyline.

*Movie and Tv show ideas

5. Spa weekend, if you manage to go for the weekend to an actual spa then that’s great but you can still have your spa experience at home. Invite a friend or two or just do it by yourself. Take a long scented bath ( I like to read or watch a movie while in my tub) do a face mask , even a natural  home made one , do your nails and just hang around in your fluffy bathrobe (if you don`t have one you need one).

*DIY Mask for acne 

*DIY Hydrating face mask

*DIY Face and body scrub

Even if you feel like you don`t have time to do this it is important to give yourself the time to relax and forget even if it is for an hour or two . The ideas above are just that ideas you can do whatever you enjoy or pick a couple and do them for a couple of hours each.Don`t forget to take care of yourself.

5 thoughts on “Weekend for yourself

  1. Gosh, I miss the days of spending time and shopping with my friends. And yes, the kind of shopping where we would carelessly browse from shop to shop, go for coffee, shop some more, have lunch, and shop some more…great post! Will definitely set up a date soon with my girlfriends!😉

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