Baby it`s (STILL) cold outside ! (all pieces on sale)

I don`t know about you but for me as soon as the holidays are over, I`m already thinking about spring about pastel colours and flowy dresses, but the thing is at least where I live, winter has just started and we definitely haven`t seen everything it has to offer. So as much as I hate this gloomy cold weather I decided to look on the bright side, “what might that be?” you ask ,well at least in my opinion the cold season is the best season for fashion with its cosy layers and deep color pallet . Therefor here is an outfit idea that   will hopefully make these cloudy days a bit more enjoyable (because you will look fabulous of course ). The outfit includes one of my favorite colour combinations greys with this amazing electric blue. And to make your day even better all these pieces are on amazing sale right now so if you like something snatch it before its to late.


Sweater 30$ Zara

Snood 10$ Oysho

Coat 40$

Jeans 35$ Top Shop

Hat 36$ Zara

Bag 30$ Zara

Gloves 17$ Zara

Leather boot 80$ Zara

21 thoughts on “Baby it`s (STILL) cold outside ! (all pieces on sale)

    1. I`m glad you liked it .I was really happy to see that the TopShop Jony Jeans were on sale , they are my favorites but they are a bit expensive so when I saw them for half the price I snatched them up.

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