SheInside Haul and review

I`m going to start this haul by saying that this was my first purchase from and I want to do a more elaborate haul in which I will be telling you about my entire experience with the website . I decided to the haul this way because I am always interested in others experiences with a new website I am thinking of ordering from. So without any more rambling let’s get started.

I discovered the website a few months back when looking for pieces for my blog. The first thing I noticed is that they have a lot of the same pieces that have but at a better price, so if you like shopping from Romwe (which I think its more popular) I recommend tacking a look at Sheinside you might find the same item for a better price. Sheinside offers free world-wide shipping and it also has a permanent sale section . My favorite things from them tend to be their outerwear pieces ( I have included a lot of them in my posts and they were pretty succesful ) but they carry pretty much everything except for shoes and bags .They offer a large variety in all their categories and the website its pretty easy to navigate.I made the order on dec 3 and keeping in mind that I used the free shipping and it was during the holidays  the package arrived in the country on the 1 of jan and I picked it up on the 7th . I  also want to mentioned that I used a discount code for 20% off  that is still available as far as I know (cart7days) so if you decide on getting anything from there you to can use it.



I have a military green parka from Zara that I love the problem is that it is quite thin and definitely not appropriate for winter , also I wanted a casual  winter jacket that wasn`t my ski jacket.  The jacket has a fluffy white lining on the inside except on the sleeves but it really does keep you warm. My biggest problem with this item is the fact that it is basically a lint rollers biggest nightmare , everything in a mile radius will stick to it , what makes it even worst is that the lovely white lining that I love shades quite badly so you can see a vicious circle forming (I better stock up on lint rollers).



My favorite piece has to be this tan waterfall shilling jacket, which  I have been obsessed with. At first I wasn`t sure it would keep me that worm but again it has the same soft white lining as the parka and I really didn`t feel cold when I wore it . I have had the same problem with this jacket as the previous one as it really sheds , I wore it with my black shirt from H&M (from my last haul) and it filed it with white lint . Even with that little inconvenience I still love it, what I appreciate most about it is the stitching that is really well positioned and it gives the jacket a more expensive look.



My final item is this fluffy white and gold sweater . It really isn`t that thick and again it sheds but I really like it , the picture really dosn`t do it justice , it really reminds me of a soft white cloud .

I am going to end this haul/review by saying that in my opinion is a great website with amazing prices and even if the quality might not be amazing it really worth it, also I kept all the pieces and have already made a new order that Ì`m really excited about (and that is what really tells you I had a good experience )

If you have tried the website you can tell me and everyone who hasn`t abot your own experience I would love to know , and if you havn`t and still have more questions leve me a comment I will answer to the best of my ability.

Hope you enjoyed,


8 thoughts on “SheInside Haul and review

  1. Pieces look great! I am definitely checking out this site – I also rely heavily on blogger reviewers before trying out a new product/online store so thanks for sharing your experience!

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