CHEEP AND EASY way of reinventing your couch


This is my lovely couch which I love and use quite a lot ( I`m actually writing to you from there right now), my problem with it is that it is white and I tend to eat on there quite a few times a week, and even if I didn`t I think it would be easier to have a cover for it just to have the option of  throwing the cover into the wash and be done with it. After looking everywhere for a suitable one I gave up and started thinking that I could probably make my own .


This first option I discovered by mistake, what happened was that I was looking for throw pillows for my bed and I just could`n find any covers for my pillow sizes and I would have had to buy new inserts as well as the covers and I just wasn`t ready to pay that much for throw pillows therefore I decided to get this tablecloth (H&M Home 17.95$)  and make my own covers . When I got it home I decide to try to see how it looked on the couch and loved the bold print . The thigh is that you can really do this with any piece of material that you like ,seeing as you can`t really find that many options for fabrics when you buy a couch .

If you don`t like how the arms look there are a couple of thing you can do , firstly you can tuck in all the fabric without covering the armrests (It looks good on my couch but might not work with all) , another idea would be to gather the fabric that is just hanging in the front of the arm rest and pin it in place how you like it to look, and if everything else fails you, try what I ended up doing which is putting there a throw blanket and just cover it up that way.


The finished product in all its glory , I also noticed that when it has a cover it dosn`t look as bulky.


If you arn`t ready for a bold print you can always go for a little texture. This next option is what I ended up using permanently on mine ( I used the bold print for accent pillows and I used a strip of the fabric as a runner at the end of my bed which made my bedroom really tight together), it is an old bedspread that no one used anymore. It is not as bold as the previous option but I really like the pale rosy colour and the texture it has.

P1011494.ORF P1011495.ORF

Again I liked the way it looked with a blanket and an accent pillow.

Hope this post gave you the inspiration to reinvent your own couch or at least , it made you open up your mind when it comes to the way you go about shopping for interior design pieces( Think outside the box).

Products used in the post

Couch Ikea (similar)

Throw blanket Ikea 

Tablecloth H&M Home

Pillow insert H&M Home

Pillow case H&M Home

28 thoughts on “CHEEP AND EASY way of reinventing your couch

  1. awesome idea. I once covered an arm chair in fabric I bought and it transformed the look of my room. I love throws and cushions but BF hates them and throws them on the floor before he sits on our couch 😦

  2. This is such a good idea. I am tired of looking at my zebra print couch and I haven’t found the right sofa cover but you have given me inspiration to look at other options. Your couch is soo cute! It makes the room look completely different.

  3. This is such a neat idea! Couch covers are so expensive and only come in neutral colors. My style would be more of a gray throw with mint green and canary yellow accent pillows.

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