This might be a controversial one , and I can definitely see why some might be put off by this type of graphic T-shirts or see them as distasteful or an insult to the “Fashion World”, but I still ordered a bunch of them so go ahead and judge me . I am actually not big into graphic T`s , I just either don`t get their message , think its dumb or just don`t feel like having the photo of a model on my shirt, therefore my wardrobe has been lacking in T-shirt diversity, well no more. If like me you like these and are thinking of buying one my first advice would be to look for them on I have found that you have a great variety and they are at an amazing price, if not and have a few options you might also like and they are still pretty cheap.

I personally think they are amazingly versatile, you can wear them to the gym or to a über fancy party it’s all about styling .

What do you think about them ? I would love to know your opinion , so leave a comment and let me know, you might even change my mind about them.


1.YSL T-Shirts $12.50

2.More Issues Than Vogue $16.09 

3.Chloe t shirt $13.89 

4.Prada CREW $16.99 

5.Chanel t shirt $14.79

6.Celine Paris $16.99

42 thoughts on “Branded

  1. I think they can be kinda’ cute. And then I also think it is free advertising for the brand, which is fine as long as one realizes it. And I also agree they are versatile. Chanel is never a bad choice, IMO 😉

  2. we wear graphic t-shirts to the gym, but not our sort of style for other times though. Not that we have anything against them, definitely free advertising as mentioned above! Plus wouldnt mind the Chloe one, I can pretend its about me 🙂

    1. I totally get these aren`t for everyone, I probably wouldn`t have even liked them a few months ago. I also love these as workout tops, and even an oversize one as a sleep shirt, plus I can say I am sleeping in my Chanel.

  3. I love those!! I agree with you though….some of the “trendy” graphic t’s that you find in stores are pretty much ridiculous and they actually make me cringe a little bit. I’m 21. I think I’m technically supposed to be out of the “juniors” section in store like Marshall’s & TJ Maxx, but I’m also not old enough to wear anything they have in the “Women’s” section. So I do look in the Junior’s section! My girlfriends and I have found some seriously cute graphic t’s when we’ve looked hard enough. I love being able to wear a shirt to bum out in or to rock out in. The ones that you have…those are fabulous!!! There’s nothing like a good versatile shirt 🙂 It just makes your wardrobe so much bigger!

  4. I really like these…I think they’re cool and as you said, very versatile. Depending on the fit, you could dress them up with a cute skater skirt or wear them over a dress and knotted at the waist. Either way, I think everyone’s style is what they make of it and I think these are a great choice! 🙂 Cortneybre

  5. Hey hun! I am so glad you decided to post this as you should never apologise for liking what you like, I certainly don’t! I love, love, love these t-shirts I want to know where I can buy them in the UK? Good taste girlee x

    1. Etsy has delivery to the Uk to , but if you don`t want to order them online you can always go to a printers that also do prints on fabric and you can have any design you might want plus you can take a T-shirt that really fits you amazingly.

  6. I don’t mind graphic tees and have the “Celine Paris” tee as well as the “Celfie” tee. Nice collection. I just may have to take the “more issues than vogue” tee from you! 😉

  7. I tend not to understand (or see any quality) in a lot of graphic tees, but you picked out some great ones. I think the key to the graphic tee is simplicity and these all have that great simple and stylish factor. Also “More Issues than Vogue” made me laugh.

  8. Well, I always say, if it looks good just shut up and put it on. Some of them looks actually really cool, very casual but chic. Love your blog 🙂

  9. Love the Vogue and Celine.
    Maybe if designers (I’m looking at you, The Row) didn’t charge $400 for a simple t-shirt, I’d feel a little bad.
    But go ‘head girl! Get it. 🙂

  10. i think the vogue one is funny! i am probably no longer part of the right demographic to wear it though – HA HA HA. if you are looking for interesting t shirts try a brand called etre cecile. mods operandi, barneys and shopbop sell the brand. it is not cheap but really fun, and they do go on sale! anyhow – never apologize for your taste – by what i see in your blog, your taste is lovely! xxx t.

  11. Love them! Everyone’s style is unique and wearing “branded” tshirts might not be for some, but that’s okay. And, personally, I love, love,love the vogue one!

  12. I love the Celine shirt…well, I love all of them lol But the Celine shirt is my favorite one. But they can be expensive so the fact that you mentioned Romwe and Sheinside is awesome! they have some good stuff! Great post!

  13. I’m a little put off by heavily branded bags and shoes but a cute tee with a pair of skinnies is okay. Like that Chloe one.

  14. I like #2. I think it would be pretty good if you got some $$$ from any referrals as a result of the free advertising.

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