January favorites

January was not exactly what you would call fun ( isn`t it like that for everyone? let me know), it was annoyingly cold ,it snowed so much that no one dared to get out of the house , but guess what in spite of all that I had to face the bitter cold and mountains of snow because I had exams (aren`t I the luckiest girl alive? ). I should stop being so negative because guess what, its all over now and  we should all be looking forward to warmer sunnier days WITH NO EXAMS ! Also here is a list of the things that brought a metaphorical ray of sunshine into my life this past month.

Hope you enjoy!




Like I said my month was full of around the clock studying and bitter cold resulting in me not really giving a s**t abouh what I wore . So when I had to leave the comfort of my home I wore (every single time) black jeans ,  Zara hoodie and my ever so fashionable sky jacket (seriously it was so cold that all my other winter jackets weren`t cutting it any more) if I really felt like putting in some effort I slapped on my MAC Rebel lipstick  and I felt like, well I felt like I looked as good as I possibly could.


With the cold weather came of course dry skin so my favorites for this past mont had one and only one purpose , hydration. My amazing hand cream ( L`occitan almond hand cream) was always at my side and as a result I am now squeezing out the last few drops (I am so sad). For my face I had to kick it into high gear I introduced this new Sephora cleansing and exfoliating brush (I have been wanting to invest into a Clarisonic and thought that I should firstly see how I liked this one) I used it only in the evening because I don`t think my skin could handle any more but I have seen some great results , although it might be the fact that I haven`t worn any foundation or face makeup since the holidays  and the next product also helped. The Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion+  may be a mouthful an expensive mouthful at that but it truly is amazing  I really don`t what to know what state my skin would be in without it .


Since my skin was doing great and mainly because I really didn`t care about how I looked in my exams , I really didn`t wear any makeup , I know crazy right me who would put on foundation to go grocery shopping ,would face my colleagues with no makeup? Well I think what really made me feel comfortable was my Benefit Gimme Brow it really made my eyebrows keep their shape and frame my face beautifully. If you don`t really care about youre eyebrows I would challenge you to just go one get them professionally shaped and get a tinted or clear brow gel ( the easiest and most stress free of all brow products) and just see how you feel it might be life changing.


Last but not least my three random favorites are probably my favorite favorites if there is such a thing, firstly there is no better thing when coming in from an exam and the bitter cold outside than a warm cup of tea to warm you up and a good tv show to get your mind off how devastated you will be if you fail that stupid exam. For that I had my Twinings jasmine green tea and the british TV show Mr. Selfridge I fully recommend both of them the tea has a beautifully demure scent of jasmine that not only warmed your body but also youre heart , as for the TV show it follows the inception of the famous London department store Selfridges and also how this man changed the way people approached , did and tought  of shopping for ever.

My last and final favorite is Ana from Vivianna Does Makeup you can find her both on YouTube and her blog , she is a great inspiration to me and has been for quite some time now so if you are a beginner to blogging I would completely recommend checking her blog and YouTube for inspiration. Furthermore this past month she and her friend Lilly from Lilly Peebles did 6 videos about starting a blog/YouTube channel that I think you should definitely watch and see what you can take from them. I will have linked HERE the playlist for those.

What have you been loving this mont let me know!

11 thoughts on “January favorites

  1. I may have to try the Benefit Gimme Brow… I’ve been looking for SOMETHING for my brows without going total gam… Because honestly, who has time for that at 5:30am before work!?

  2. Total agreement on the Benefit Gimme Brow. It’s a game changer. Never going back to pencils-which took forever anyways. I’m not a brand snob, but this is definitely worth the price. Glad I found your blog-I love it! 🙂

  3. You have category “Beauty” and you mentioned that you’d like take beautiful photos.
    Why don’t you show your followers best photos from all over the world? On my blog http://closetoeighty.wordpress.com I show DAILY selected photos of members of the Google Photo Community. You can reblog some of them or give a link to share what you like. Best wishes!

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