The shopping bag FEBRUARY


January was an unintentional no shopping month for me and I have to say money really ads up when you aren`t shopping every other day, WHO KNEW? So these are a the products that have been on my mind lately and I want to purchase in the next month. You will see how many of them I actually end up purchasing and what other things snuck their way into my shopping bags.



A tripod , I really want to start doing outfit posts but I don`t have anyone available to take the picture I should also add a remote for my camera as well ,for focusing and picture tacking. Hopefully you will be seeing some outfit posts soon.

This year I told myself I was going to get healthy (and lose some weight let’s be honest) but things kept getting in the way like holidays and exam periods so hopefully as soon as I get home (I am now on holiday) my new lifestyle will start. And what better way to get motivated to go running or go to the gym than some new workout cloths curtsy of the H&M sportswear line.

One thing you might not know about me is that I need to be listening to music all the time especially when I do something physical so as a treat to myself when I go to get my new gym membership I am going to get a new Ipod nano in turquoise for all those runs. And I am also going to need a armband this one is from Oysho.

You might have gathered by my posts that I am a huge lover of bright lips but with spring (hopefully) coming I really want a new nude lipstick ,right now I am thinking of MACs Cream Cup but if you have any suggestions I am open to hearing some of your favorite nude lipstick shades.

And this is where I really need your help I am thorn  and would really appreciate your opinion. Firstly I want a new perfume and I got it down to Stella by Stella Mccartney and Laura Mercier Amber Vanilla . Let me know what you would choose or recommend. The second product battle is between the Smashbox Full exposure palette and the Lorac Pro palette , I have to admit I am leaning towards the Pro palette just because I have been wanting it for a really long time and only now has Nordstrom begun selling it but I have to say I have been hearing a ton of great things about the Smashbox palette . As you can see I am really lost and would really appreciate your help.

15 thoughts on “The shopping bag FEBRUARY

  1. Dear Laura, I am not in lipsticks myself but I can easily help you and all your followers with everything about fashion. Please go to the expert and ask whatever you want

  2. I am desperate for a tripod for the same reason!! Resting my camera on a nearby high surface hasn’t given the best result :/

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