What is in my gym bag (gym bag essentials)

Spring is a time for fresh starts , for reinvention and for most women a time when we start thinking about our new wardrobe and how we are going to fit in our skimpy summer dresses or how our legs will look in our favorite pair of shorts. I am no exception to this trend and this spring I felt like doing something about it , so I ended up getting a gym membership for the first tie in my life. I must admit it is  a bit intimidating at first when you are surrounded by skinny girls and buff guys and little old me  can barely run a 2 min sprint,  but the truth , as I have learned ,is that everyone is  to focused on what they are doing to judge  .So if you have a similar fear that is stopping you from joining a gym my advice is to go for it and you will not regret it.

Now my routine is that I go to the gym about 3-5 times a week in the morning (late morning) in my gym clothes and I come home to shower and get ready for my day so I don`t take with me a change of clothes or makeup.


My gym bag was a gift to myself when I joined the gym , as extra motivation to actually use it and go to the gym. I love it especially because it can also be used as a weekend bag or an overnight bag.


A must is my water bottle , it really is crucial and mine is also very cute .

I do carry a small toiletry bag with lip balm, deodorant and Bioderma for cleansing my face after my workout.


Next I have an extra shirt if I feel particularly discussing that day , a towel and my gym card.


As hard it might be I don`t wear any makeup when going to the gym , on top of that I usually just woke up so the sight is not pretty at all , that is why my biggest pair of sunglasses are my best friend.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Another motivational present to myself is this little baby , it really makes the whole experience so much more bearable . I just crank up my Beyoncé and zone out .

What are some of your gym bag essentials and what songs motivate you in the gym , I would love to know.

6 thoughts on “What is in my gym bag (gym bag essentials)

  1. I was terrified of the gym before I started going. I don’t know what I thought was going to happen in there but you are definitely right that just going the first time is the hardest part. I tend to alternate between working out to LMFAO and working out to early 2000’s screamo…weird but true.

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