It`s all`bout the shades (with the new Warby Parker spring collection)

I`m gonna start this post by declering my love for sunglases, they ãre probably my favorite accesory and adding a pair to any outfit makes me so much more confident.

I first hear about Warby Parker in a one of Meghan Rosette`s YouTube videos and there were two really cool things that captivated me about this website. Firstly they have something called the Home Try on programme  ,which is free I might add ,   you can pick 5 pairs of sunglasses or  prescription glasses and you have 5 days at home with them where you can decide which ones suit you best. I don`t know about you but I think it’s an amazing idea , glasses are such a personal thing and not always the design you like is the one that looks the best on you thath`s why I think that trying them at home for a longer duration of time with different hairstyles and outfits and without a shop assistant is the best thing ever. And at the end of it all you aren`t even obliged to purchase a pair.

The second thing that really drew me to this company is the fact that for every pair of gases they sell they donate one to a person that really needs it. I love it when company’s have a charitable side , it does really make me feel better about buying from them.

The Spectrum sun collection is their new spring line which was launched today, and it includes 5 new designs (all 95$) that are guaranteed to get you exited about the warmer season. The collection is a very nicely rounded one, the styles are all beautiful and unique. They have also taken into consideration some of the trends for this spring, PIPER is a gorges cat eye with vintage inspiration , the two larger frames MINNIE and HALL come in a very pretty light pink and green ,great for infusing some more color in your wardrobe. Last but not least my two favorite pairs are DEAN and DOWNING they have a more masculine look to them and I am pretty much in love with them , I also need to add that DEAN comes in a gorgeous and very unique finish called english oak that really caught my eye.

Capturaţi ecranul complet 17.03.2014 162532.bmp

They all have such strong personalities I tought I would compile an outfit inspired by each style.

DEAN : the very cool and relaxed


DOWNING : the traveler


MINNIE : the next door fashionista


HALL : the socialite


PIPER: the fashionable career woman


Which one is your favorite ?

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