Spring Beauty HAUL

With a new season come new excuses to shop, so that is exactly what I have been doing.


In my last spring related post  (The spring edit ) I talked about the fact that my makeup collection was lacking in spring appropriate lip products , so these are some of the lip products that have managed to sneak their way into my makeup bag. (up ->down)

  • Rimmel London Kate Lipstick in the color 08-  (9.61$ )a great “my lips but better kind of color”perfect for when you don`t want to look like you tried to hard or if you want to play with some fun colors on the eyes ( I look forward to trying a aqua  liner over a black liner  with this lip shade)
  • Maybelline Color Sensensational Vivids in  Neon Red  (12.58$) the reason I chose this one is because the orange lip trend is huge this spring/summer but I have to admit it is quite intimidating even for someone like me who`s favorite lip shade is MAC Rebel . My solution was this shade which is a red , that I already know suits me , but it has a really strong orange undertone. This one actually proved to be my favorite of the four and now I am really excited to get a real orange , any recommendations?
  • Maybelline   Color Whisper (220 Lust for Blush 8.79$)   is a loot more pink than I am used to but what better time to rock a pretty pink that in the spring. It looks beautiful paired with my Bennefit Rockateur blush and a light BB cream for a fresh face look perfect for this season
  • Givenchy lipstick (101 Beige Mousseline 36$ ) the splurge item in this lineup ,has admittedly won me over with its packaging, actually all the Givenchy beauty products have the most luxurious packaging , dar I say better even that YSL . I know that is a very controversial statement and most of you will disagree with it but that leather cap and the Givency logo engraving really make you feel like a Parisian socialite ( don`t know why that particular description came to mind but lets just go with it). The shade I chose was because of another beauty trend for this upcoming warm season the glowing bronzed up face , which requires a glowing bronze shade of blush, quite a bit of highlighter on the bridge of the nose up to the forehead , the chin and cupids bow and an almost wet looking bronze eyeshadow ( something like the Maybelline color tattoo in bad to the bronze or the Rimmel  eyeshadow paint in rich russet). As far as the quality of the formula I was a bit disappointed because it does cling to any bumps, so I do need to give my lips a good scrub and moisturize beforehand , because of that I do have concerns about how it would look on someone older.


This next category is not really a category more like a mish-mash of product that didn`t fit in any of the other categories( left -> right)

  • SHE-zone plumping lip gloss in   As far as I know this brand is exclusivly  found in DM stores ,a german chain of “drogeries ” . I am not huge into lip gloss and you might be surprised to find out, but I didn`t own one lip gloss before this one, I just have always been a fan of matt lips  . What attracted me to it was the color that will suit my nude lipsticks and even the pinky ones . Not being a fan of lip gloss I am quite happy with the quality , even if I didn`t know it was a plumping lip product the first time I tried it. The tingle is not to bad and it has a pleasant minty scent , it has made me curious about trying other lip glosses and I would love to try the NYX Butter Glosses ( and Lipsticks) which I have hear so much great things about , so if you know of any websites that  sell NYX and offer international shipping let me know , because I haven`t been able to find any.
  • LÒccitane lip balm with 10% shea butter (10$) , has proven to be my favorite lip balm , it is a repurchase after my last one was the first ever lip balm I have ever finished. After that one I did try a couple of other lip balms from Palmers and Nivea but none managed to keep my chopped lips under control so I had to go and repurchase it. And we lived happily ever after…
  • Maybelline Afinitone Concelar ( my shade is 02) another repurchase is my go to for the days when I don`t feel like wearing foundation  , yes my skin has been an angel lately , Thank God , and I have been able to wear only concealer on the few zits and hyperpigmentation areas , also you can do a couple dots of this and work them in to the skin if you want to even out the skin tone , I really do love it and completely recommend it. The only bad thing about it is that I can`t use it under my eyes , it creases and moves around like crazy also this particular shade  really doesn`t work for cancelling out the purple of my under eye circle ( and they are not even that bad)


LÒccitane hand cream (classic and cherry blossom 12$-28$) Hy my name is Laura and I am a hand cream addict , actually lately I have been an addict of everything that will make my skin as soft as possible. Anyways this might look a bit excessive , and I know I am set as far as hand cream goes for a while but, there is a reasoning behind it , I PROMISE ( is that what all addicts say?). Anyways the small tube I keep in my handbag, because I do use a loot of hand sanitizer which dries out my hands like crazy and as far as the big tube ( ok huge tube) I keep that one on my bedside table and use it every night also I try to use it if I do the dishes by hand , another reason why my hands get dry.


Batiste Dry Shampoo in the cherry flavour (5.63$). Probably the most well-known brand of dry shampoo, it is the first dry shampoo I have ever used , don`t know what took me so long. I have only used it once so I can`t really give a opinion on it . If anyone is interested I got mine from ASOS. com and they do offer international shipping and I also thought the price was good , although we will have to see how long it lasts me.



Bodyshop Moringa Body Butter (ussually 20$ now 10$)   , the famous body butter, was on offer a few weeks ago and I had to snatch one up. I haven`t used it yet (I am still working on my Neutrogena Body Lotion for dry skin which I showed in my last beauty haul). But I am looking forward to see how well it performs when I start pulling out all my shorts and skirts.


Thanks for putting up with all my rambling and if you managed to read everything you deserve a medal.

14 thoughts on “Spring Beauty HAUL

  1. I have tried the exact dry shampoo and loved it until i got the So
    .. dry shampoo and now i use that more often xx

  2. nice post!!! 🙂 i’m a huge fan of bodyshop products and i really recommend you try majority of the collection!! it’s rlly good!! anws, keep it up!!

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