Catching up and a fresh new start

Who has been the worst blogger ever ? Me, Me .

I know my last post has been over a mont ago which is not good at all,  and to be completely honest I don`t have much of an excuse for most of that time. I have been feeling uninspired when it came to blog post ideas and when I came up with one and sat in front of my keyboard nothing came out .  As for the period when I actually was busy , it was  the time I got rejuvenated and regained my desire to get back to blogging even though what I was doing  didn`t really have anything  to do with blogging.  I think that is enough betting around the bush let’s get to what I did . If you read my 10 facts about me you might know that I have a huge passion for tennis and also that I am actually from Bucharest Romania , well the combination of those two things during the mont of april equals the BRD Nastase Tiriac Trophy which is a 250 p ATP tennis tournament that takes place here in Bucharest . I have been attending as a spectator for the last 4 years  and this year I actually got the chance to work for the tournament. My position wasn`t huge but I did get to work with the players as well as attend the matches. Even though there might not be a clear tie between blogging and tennis , those 10 days really rejuvenated me reminded me of the reasons I started my blog, because I am a huge consumer of blogs as well as YouTube beauty and fashion vloggers. I wanted to share what I in turn have learned as well as use this as a creative outlet .

A few photos from the tournament

*The main arena on the first day of the tournament


*The exhibition match offered both tennis and laughs



*The Friday schedule



*And the winner is!


So this is my fresh start.

Hey I am Laura and this is my blog , my thoughts , my outfits , my ideas, this is me .

It’s so nice to meet you and I hope you will come back for a new conversation about all the things us girls love, fashion, beauty and everything pretty.

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