Weekend getaway lookbook—City break

It might not be a surprise to you that I am a bit of an over packer and that is fine for long vacations when I use my huge suitcase, but when it comes to short weekend trips I prefer to use a much smaller bag that I don`t need to worry about checking in. That is why I need to be a bit more organised with my packing and that entails figuring out outfits beforehand. The first thing I do is check the weather forecast , make sure you plan outfits keeping in mind the weather but always bring at least a jacket if the weather changes. For a City destination I think you should be a bit more put together but still comfortable and I like to achieve that by going with basic pieces that I know I`m comfortable in , with a statement jacket or accessory, don`t be afraid of bringing statement jewelry on holiday especially  one of this type it will make your very comfortable but way to casual outfit more appropriate for the setting.

The packing list

I planed 4 outfits in total one for travelling two-day time and one nighttime one, the traveling outfit can be used for both trips either but if you don`t like the idea of using the same top you can just pack an extra T-shirt it is a very easy outfit to change-up.

Also if you plan on going out more than one night you can pack an extra outfit I would personally go for an LBD that I know looks amazing on me can be universal if I don`t know exactly where I will end up going to.






To be completely honest this is my travelling outfit pretty much every time , it`s comfortable uncomplicated and still looks put together enough  that I don`t feel like I look to crappy when I get to my hotel. The bag is big enough to fit my Ipad but if you want to bring your laptop it won`t fit in there, I chose this one because of its color which livens up my extremely neutral outfits and it fits enough in there that I feel covered while still being a cross body .






This is a very springy outfit because of its color palette but it is actually warm enough for the temperamental weather we have been experiencing across all of Europe lately. The jeans I chose are a boyfriend style which is not the most flattering especially when paired with flat shoes , you can always go for a tighter fit jeans with a bit of distressing or any other medium wash pair of jeans you love. I like wearing boyfriend jeans with the bottoms rolled up.





For the evening I chose to stay in the same jeans , and I love the look of boyfriend jeans with heals , the rest of the outfit I kept black with a pair of minimalist sandals and a simple black cami that has a small lace panel that makes it a bit more sexy without being to over the top . This outfit could be appropriate for a number of places from a nice restaurant to a bar or club.






The last outfit is again really simple but with enough details to make it fashionable, it is quite 90`s inspired with the oversize denim jacket and the print on the romper but I love it. If it was to cold for shorts I would add a black pair of semi opaque tights .


What do you think of my outfits ? Let me know by leaving a  comment below also tell me about your go to travelling outfit. I look forward to hearing from you.

16 thoughts on “Weekend getaway lookbook—City break

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’ll be travelling for a work trip later this month but will also be staying there for a few days just for fun. This is will come in handy when I plan what to pack.

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