May Favorites

Another month has passed by and in true beauty blogger fashion it is time for a new favorites post. Without further adieu here are some of the things I have been loving this past month.



In the beauty category this month I only have three products that perfectly depict the look I have been going for, on an everyday basis, simple ,glowing and bronzed up . Can you tell I am ready for summer?

Starting of with the Wake me up foundation by Rimmel , I`m finally getting into wearing this foundation because even though I got the lightest shade it was still a bit to dark for me until a couple of weeks ago. The shade range might be a bit of a problem but personally I am not that disturbed by them because this is definitely the type of foundation I would only wear in the warmer season ( in the fall , winter I prefer a higher coverage foundation with a matt finish) but I do have to admit that I am not usually that pale so if for me it is a bit to dark than I have a feeling that a lot of girls could not wear it. As far as the coverage is concerned it is light  it does a great job of evening out my skin tone and even covers most of my scaring but that would be about it. The finish is  my favorite thing about this particular foundation, it is definitely the perfect amount of glowing .

My next favorite is the Bennefit Stay Don`t Stray eye primer, as you can see I only have a small sample size which I have been using  for a few months now and it is still going strong . This primer I have been using on its own or maybe with  a bit of matt brown in the crease on the rare occasion . It does a great job of making my eyes appear bigger and all my other eyeshadow have been forgotten.

Lastly the Bahama Mama Bronzer from The Balm , is without a question my all time favorite matt bronzer. I currently use a light hand with (it is quite dark) , I do the famous 3 motion to bronze up my face and do a slight couture.





My two nail favorites this month are at opposite ends of the nail color scale , one being my new favorite nude shade and the other a pretty, bright orange .

Like I said , I discovered a new favorite nude shade  ,the Astor Perfect Stay Gel Shine in Creme Brule , for my newly semi bronzed up skin. I have a tough time finding nudes that don`t make my skin tone look muddy , if that makes any sense. It is a darker nude so hopefully even with a full summer bronze it will still work.Another thing I need to mention is about the formula  it is my longest lasting polish , and it has a pretty good price tag as well.

My second nail polish  favorite , the S-he quick dry polish in color 184 ,has been helping me get away with still wearing all black outfits , it is a juicy darker orange color that will look even better with a tan.

I also have to give an honorable mention to the polish I featured in my last favorites post the Ciate polish in Sugarplum , I am still completely in love with the color and I am close to finishing up my mini size and I am looking to repurchase the large size.






This month favorite accessory has to go to this gorgeous pair of shades , which I got this past fall and I am finally getting to enjoy. They are not the most flattering on me but still I am in love with them . I love the clubmaster shape and hopeful I will be investing in a pair of the bigger size , need to start saving up!





My fashion favorite for the month of may is a new addition to my closet courtesy of Zara , a lovely flowey blouse with lace details in the back , need I say more?



My favorite Youtuber this month has been Carly Cristman and even though I do enjoy her main fashion channel ,I have been loving her Vlog channel .  Honestly there aren`t many youtube channels that when I see a new video in my subscription box my heart starts racing with excitement. She has recently moved to California from Chicago with her friend Michael and their chemistry is what really makes the vlogs. Their friendship and personalities are so much fun I will also link their his and her opinion on trends which are also a lotof fun, I completely recommend you at least watch those.



In the TV shows department I have been quite disappointed lately especially with the new releases, but there is definitely a stand out , it is called The 100 airing on The CW.


download (1)

My favorite app this past month has been Hay Day and I do have to admit it has evolved into a bit of an unhealthy obsession. Still if you are willing to take the risk I completely recommend it.


My two favorites in the music category are again very different but equally awesome . First we have Jack White Love interruption and B.O.B John Doe



I might be a bit boring with my food choice for this month but I have been trying to eat healthier and from all the boring healthy food I have been having oatmeal has been my favorite .

What have you been loving this past month let me know in the comments or if you wrote your own May Favorites post leave a link , I look forward to reading your posts and comments.

16 thoughts on “May Favorites

  1. OMG love your blog and this post! One of my fav pair ofsunnies are Ray Bans so I can totally relate to you!

      1. Yea their pretty addicting I’ve never cared for designer sunglasses either. Purses are a different story though 🙂

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