What I ate in a day (healthy edition)


As excited as I am for summer , I have to admit I am not yet fully comfortable in my shorts and cut out dresses , that is why I really have been trying to eat a bit healthier .I  thought that some of you might find this helpful since I think most people find it hard to come up with new recipes when trying to eat healthy. These are all really simple things that use ingredients you probably already have lying around in your cupboards. Hope you enjoy!


One of my favorite things to have in the mornings is oatmeal , I think it is filling ,easy to do and you can add pretty much anything you can find in your kitchen as a topping. I like using steel cut oats , which do take about 7-9 min to cook but they are better for you then the quick cooking ones you can make in the microwave. The recipe I use is for 1 part oats , 1 part milk (you can use any type of milk you want soy, almond , coconut) and 2 parts water, for added sweetness I mush up half a banana and add a whole lot of cinnamon . As far as toppings I  add pretty much any fruit I have .  Another think I like to do especially on a cooler day is to peel one apple  which I chop up into small cubes and add those in 1-2 min before taking it off the fire , for this method  I don`t add banana but I do add a bit of brown sugar because I like mine sweeter as well as cinnamon ,also when I make it like this I like my oats less cooked , just so that they have a bit more of a bite to them.


Next I have a smoothy , this particular one is more of a desert , not the healthiest smoothie in the world but it honestly tastes like ice-cream. I use banana (frozen or not ), frozen berrys , kiwi and a little squeeze of lemon for a bit of tartness. As the liquid I use water , orange juice or to really make it taste like ice-cream greek yogurt.

Tip – You can put this mixture in popsicle molds and freeze them . They are amazing on really hot days and guilt free!


Next that day I had some baked sweet potato fries , they are super easy to make and so much better than the fast food version. I simply chop them up , put them in a pan and stick them in the oven with a small amount of coconut oil and herb seasoning. This day was a meat free day but if you want you can have a bit of chicken with them, I personally had just a mixed greens salad with them.



These amazing little things are the perfect answer to that craving for sweets I have about mid day and honestly you will not find a simpler cookie recipe ever. All you need are 2 bananas ,the riper the better, and a cup of oats   I also add cinnamon and if I am feeling particularly frisky that day some pieces of 85% dark chocolate.




Lately in the evening I like having something really easy , usually some mixed fruit , again whatever I have around , chop them up and plop them in a bowl .

I hope you found this useful and hopefully you even try one of my recipes . If you do please let me know it would really make my day .

6 thoughts on “What I ate in a day (healthy edition)

  1. I know it’s already Autumn but this smoothie is delicious all year round. You take one ripe banana, a cup of blueberries (frozen or fresh), and a cup of plain yoghurt. Put everything in a blender, blend for about 1-2 minutes and voila! If you let it sit for a minute or two, it gets even thicker so it fills you up nicely. In summer you can put it in ice-cream molds and have a healthy and refreshing ice-cream on those hot days.

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