The Lip product addict TAG

I have to admit I can be a bit boring with my makeup choices , I have my staple products that I love and I stick to them. That is true in most makeup categories apart from lip products . I don`t know how much of an lip product addict I am  in comparison to other bloggers out there but I deffinitly have a good range of products to chose from.

1. Favourite balm/treatment?


This category has to go to the Lòccitan Ultra Rich Lip Balm a product that I have talked about before, but it really is my favorite. It is rich and hidrating but has  a matt  finish ,makeing it perfect for using under my lipstick.

2.Best eye-catching red?


This was a bit of a no brainer for me, the Chanel Rouge Coco in the shade Gabrielle is the most beautyful clasic red shade . Honestly whenever I put this on I feel like I can take over the world .

3.Best luxury & best drugstore?


My best luxury goes to the Make Up For ever Aqua Rouge , the formula of these babies will not budge until you use a good waterproof makeup remover . Another thing I love about them is that you can wear them both matt or with the gloss they come with , honestly I am impressed that they aren`t drying being so long lasting. This perticular shade is my favorite matt lipproduct .



For my favorite drugstore I chose the Maybelline Color Whispers,  and this is my favorite shade called Lust for blush which is a beautyful natural pinky shade. A honorable mention needs to go to the Rimmel Kate Lipsticks which again I love .

4.Best MAC lipstick?



This shade might not be very season appropiate but it really is my most used lipstick  , the Mac Rebel is a staple for me in the Fall/ winter season as well as for nights out.

5.The most disappointing?


Honestly this was a bit of a impulse purchase led by the mirage of the packeging . I am ususally very good about resesching a product before buying it especially with luxury products , still in the case of this Givency lipstick the packeging fooled me. My main problem is the way it applies , if you don`t have perfectly smoth lips it will cling on to the smallest dry patch and emphasize it.

6.Liner – yes or no?

I will have to go with no, I just can`t be bothered with an extra step , and honestly I haven`t had problems with bleeding outside my lipline even with my bold lipshades.

7.Best Gloss

I honestly don`t have a answer for this because I really haven`t found a gloss I loved . I am thinking about trying the Clarins lip balm/ gloss things so if you have tried those please let me know how you found them, and if they are worth it.

8.Something extra!



For my something extra I chose coconut oil. I have previousely mentioned how I have replaced my evening lipbalm with this . I transfered some in a small tin that I keep on my bedsidetable and I use this every evening as my lip moisturiser and haven`t looked back.

I decided not to do a list of bloggers to tag beacause there would be to many to name , instead if you are reading this and want a new tag to try then I tag you


21 thoughts on “The Lip product addict TAG

  1. Lovely post! I’ll try to do this post soon as well as I am obsessed with lip products!! I own one of the Clarins lip perfectors and they are great. Basically they are like photoshop for your lips and moisturize really well. You should try one!

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know your opinion on the Clarins lip perfectors , now I`l definitely try one . I would love it if you did the tag post , let me know when it`s up looking forward to reading your answers.

    1. This Chanel lipstick might be a splurge item , but you will feel spoiled you every time you use it. So worth it every girl out there needs it every time she is feeling down on herself to make her feel like a princess or the hottest girl around (whatever she needs).

  2. Great post. I am a lipstick addict at best. Best red lip is mac cherry liner under mac ruby woo. Best mac lipstick has to be without a doubt taupe. For darker skintones I’d recommend chestnut lip pencil underneath. I get compliments daily. #beat

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