Introducing color for color-fobs

I have to admit the title might be a bit dramatic , but on some level I really am a color-fob . My goal when adding new pieces to my wardrobe is to encrease its versatility and for some reason that means that I rarely buy colorful things , and as a disclaimer there is nothing wrong with that I love neutral outfits and think they can be really effortless and chic , the thing is that in the summer I feel like color can really make an impact on your outfit also I feel like as a lover of fashion I should try to open my own fashion horizons.

If you are somewhat afraid of wearing color , there is certainly a way of incorporating it in order to achieve that impact but still feeling comfortable and age appropriate. Firstly accessories are a great way to start as well as being an inexpensive item  they are small and can be a good middle ground. For example I am loving statement , colorful bags for this spring summer season, also if you have been reading my blog for a while you might already know about my love of statement necklaces , which can be another small yet impactful way of adding color.If you are feeling particularly daring this summer why not try a bright blazer or a nice printed one that incorporates  color.


A very popular trend this summer has been sporty chic and as it happens I really think that this particular trend really lends itself to bright pops of color . The outfit I put together might not be to everyone’s taste but I am in love with the tennis feel of it as well as those crazy bright Nikes .









This next outfit is a great casual yet work appropriate outfit, which incorporates color in two major ways , firstly in the bag as well as the blazer. I chose the blazer first and tried to find a bag that fit in the same color scheme as the print on the blazer , I think that when adding color in two pieces you should try to get them in the same color scheme don`t go chasing to get them to match exactly.








For a more evening appropriate look I went for a very easy all black look that I spiced up with an amazing necklaces as well as a gorgeous beaded handbag.






How do you feel about color ? are you a total color lover or does it scare you a bit? Please let me know .

7 thoughts on “Introducing color for color-fobs

  1. I love that blue floral shirt – especially paired with those shoes! I’m also prone to wearing dark or neutral tones, mostly because they look so classy and work well when running about London, plus everyone seems to wear such neutral tones I feel like I stand out way too much with colour amongst the crowd! This summer i’ve just chosen to go with colour and experiment, daring I know but it’s really fun haha x

  2. Great outfits!!! I love how you incorporated simple outfits, with just a pop of color. If you have a moment I would LOVE for you to link this to my Monday Morning Madness party. It goes live in the morning. Please and Thank You

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