The SUMMER edit: Nail polish

A couple of months back I did a post  called the Spring Beauty edit and I really enjoyed it, so for the Summer I decided to do an entire series  similar with: nail polish , makeup and accessory.

I am starting things off with nail polish, which is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. For summer I go either for a really bright color (they usually enhance tanned skin) or a simple nude for a more subdued look.


I am starting off  with my all time favorite nail polish The Next CEO by Nicole by OPI.  I have been loving it ever since I first discovered it back in october and what really cemented the idea that this truly is my favorite was that I finished an entire bottle of it . WHAT ? Yea I really didn`t think it was possible for me to finish a whole bottle of nail polish and the Nicole By OPI is probably the largest one I own as well but I finished it . I know what you are thinking a glittery gold nail polish how is that everyday appropriate , but I promise you it will change your life.

I remember describing this shade  as a different nude and it really is , just like a nude polish it makes your fingers look slimmer and longer but it`s just so much more special. Another thing I wasn`t especting about the shade is the wearability through the seasons  but I love it for all year round ; in the fall it goes great with dark greens and reds , in the winter it is perfect for snugly white sweaters and especially during the holidays , when spring comes I love wearing white tops with dark blue jeans , even all white outfits which pair amazingly with this polish and finally in the summer with a tan there is NO BETTER POLISH .

I mean if that ramble has not convinced you that you need this in your life , I rest my case.


This next polish (Creme Brule by Astor)was recently featured in my May Favorites so I won`t go on another rant about it , what I will say is that it is a great dark nude for girls with yellow undertone to their skin.


I love love love white nails in the summer , just like white clothes they really emphasizes your tan , this particular formula is not that great , you need over 4 coats to get it opaque , so if you have any recommendations for white polishes that are more opaque please let me know.(this is the Maybelline Colorama in nr51)


Another polish I talked about in my last favorites post so again I am going to keep it short , if you love bright orange nail polishes this is a great choice I find it a bit more special than most orange polishes( I promise it is not as neon as it looks in the picture) for some reason I could not get a true representation of the color in the picture but I promise it is special , if you have a DM close by I definitely recommend having a look. (S-he in nr 184)


I know DM is in very few countries so an alternative to the option above is this one from Ciate , again it is not as neon as it looks in the picture and it is a bit darker than the S-he one but still a gorgeous orange shade. (Ciate in hopscotch)


Another shade that might be a bit intimidating is yellow , and I don`t wear much yellow nail polish but last summer I tried it for the first time at the height of my tan and it looks great , if like me you get a golden tan I really recommend trying a yellow nail polish and this one in particular has a bit of gold flex in it  that adds a  lot to the shade on bronzed skin. ( Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish in  450 Sunny Days )


Last spring summer I really got into wearing blue and turquoise nails and this year I am bringing them out agin, if you have a more pinky undertone to your skin go for a true light blue , and if you have a yellow undertone try more of a turquoise shade with some green in it. This one from Rimmel was one of my most used last summer it really is gorgeous. ( Rimmel 60 Seconds in Too cool to tango)


Keeping in the same realm this shade is the more turquoise version which again I love , it is more of a pastel then a bright finish so it has been great in the spring as well. ( Ciate in peperminty)


Well this is a premiere , a pink nail polish is something unheard of on my blog , I am just not a pink nail polish kind of gall and it also doesn`t look that great with my skin , but this particular shade is very pretty and I know that there are so many girls out there that love their pink nails .( Ciate in candy floss)


What is your go to nail polish this summer ,I am always looking for new nail colors , so leave me a comment letting me know.

6 thoughts on “The SUMMER edit: Nail polish

  1. I LOVE Essie’s haute in the heat. I am kind of obsessed with all pink nail polish which seems like the opposite of you! I can’t wait to try Ciate in candy floss that you talk about!

    1. I think this pink shade is perfect for summer, it is really bright and I don’t think it would work for any other season, what I appreciate most about it is that the shade has a bit of raspberry in it making it a bit more special than other pinks.

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