Late spring clean : My makeup table


A few months back I did a post about my makeup table organisation/ makeup storage which was quite well received . The thing is that since then I really haven`t done any cleaning or reorganising there but things kept coming in so it did get to be a bit of a mess . A few days ago I tought enough is enough I need to tide up my drawers and so I did .


My makeup table .

Starting Off with my makeup drawer , here I did manage to keep my makeup sort of organised with the help of my little dividers , as you can see in my before picture, honestly I don`t know how much more organised I can make this drawer but at least I can now see everything a bit better.





The changes here are not that big but one thing that really has helped is moving my foundations in the back of the drawer and my lip products to the front , it just made more sense to have the lip products in front when I can really see them while my foundations aren`t as many and I pretty much know which one I want to wear before I even sit down to do my makeup.


A close up of the front part of the drawer with my face products on the far left followed by my eye products+concealers  and in the divider on the right my lip products .




The back of the drawer is still not that perfect but I really don`t open my drawer all the way when I do my makeup so I don`t really need to look at it. As you can see on the left I still have some products that have been left out ; a Burjois foundation and powder , a set of individual lashes as well as a set of bobby pins and clips , which I didn`t know where else to put.






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Moving on to my skin care drawer my biggest problem here was that I had a lot of things in the front that I wasn`t really using and my everyday things were in the back and harder to reach . So this is the drawer I am happiest with the changes it has really improved their usability.



This next drawer I didn`t even show in my last post because it was just really bad ever since I first filled it up. It didn`t really have a specific purpose other than being the junk drawer , everything that didn`t have a place elsewhere went in there as well as some desk supplies. I didn`t putt a before picture just because I was to ashamed of how bad it actually had gotten and I guess we all have a junk drawer so we all know how disastrous they can look.





Here I kept the stevia but the rest of the stuff that stayed are basically office supplies . Honestly after cleaning this up I felt so much better, like I had declutter my whole life , you know what I mean? You probably don`t I am just a freak.


If you managed to keep going till the end you deserve an award , but instead of that I have something to ask you . I have been thinking for a while about changing the fitting on my dressing table but I was worried about being too much , so below I will leave a photo of the ones I am thinking about getting , so if you have a bit of time and have enjoyed this post please leave me a comment with what you think I should do. Thanks!

4513555990_1_1_4 4552555808_1_1_4


Have I inspired you to finally tackle your own junk drawer( everyone has one) let me know!

21 thoughts on “Late spring clean : My makeup table

  1. Nice post! I dream about such table!! 🙂 About question..I like first one more! I’d like second one more if it wasn’t empty inside.

    1. You mean breaking into a cold sweat trying to find that misplaced whatchamacallit, running around in a full-blown panic over an unfinished vital project’s looming deadline, and the body-drenching lather of total exasperation for your brain’s inability to recall where you hid your master password log-in cheat sheet didn’t garner enough admiration from your colleagues the hundreds of times you saved the day at the last possible moment?…the eleventh hour miracles performed amidst chaos and disorder always gives me a super- huge ‘rush.’ I looked like I was an enthusiastic, industrious, multi-tasker…accomplishing the impossible and crapping miracles in the nick of time. That got instant ‘team member’ status once I got the hang of civil service work. And I got plenty of exercise, too. 🙂 If I ever became THIS organized, I would have to accept that I was no longer ‘extraordinary’ or ‘amazing’… just a number in a sea of mediocrity and rank and file log piles…worse, I’d risk getting laid off for being too efficient with conquering the workflow and getting done too early…which really happened to me before…when I took a position in a government agency. Efficiency and order were strictly frowned upon there. Silly me for not understanding that they were actually dangerous and toxic to my union’s objectives. It killed over-time hours entirely. It started to make sense in hindsight, why I was never told about the catered pizza parties after the Union rah-rah meetings. I was out of my element in that bizarre work-force where ass-backwards is right and logic is wrong. If only I’d gotten a clue sooner, Chaos would have kept me in line with the company’s agenda and out of the bread line, but I wasn’t able to figure that out until almost the end…but I did enjoy the adrenaline high from that point right up till the office was closed…and the heart-pounding fun of eluding the disgruntled unemployed co-workers who hunted me down to hurt and maim me the first few weeks after layoff. oh well, live and learn. 😛
      :/ If you ever work for the state or federal government, remember this advice and you’ll enjoy a long term, secure career. Lol! (Yes sarcasm and cynicism was fully intended; the story is still true, which is sadly un-funny)

      1. If I were not married and happy I would invite you to be my longterm partner in disruption. However I have one already. You are majestic and require support from every part of the world if not the universe. Go well keep well. Fight on and all will be well! Blessings… Possibly a dangerous post but knowing the integrity of your post I have no fear. I wish you only well and perhaps additionally I wish you the strength to NEVER surrender! Best JOHN

        1. Surrender? Never. Give up, yes. Organized…yes. Sorry if I baffled you with my irresistible urge to pick on the oddly oiled gov’t bureaucrats. I laughed at the thought of your office finding “success” in being tidy and orderly…the gov’t experience had success if they were opposite. I wished that back injury hadn’t removed me from my highly organized and sterile world of post-mortem work. Where skill, efficiency and expert technique were the only standard I understood. I’m too old to rewire my brain to adjust down to the mediocrity that has become the new level of excellence. I will stick to writing, which holds some hope of going somewhere as long as people still enjoy reading. Blessings and much happiness to you and your quest to find ‘success.’

          1. The power of hyphenation!

            Interesting I had forgotten how in the late sixties and early seventies we tore down the ridiculous notion of “success’!!! I think it is worth revisiting what is success?

            Thank you and blessed wishes!!


  2. Hey!
    I’ve been loving your blog and wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! if you’ve already been nominated congrats! if not I hope you accept my nomination! everything you need to know is in my last post:
    Keep up the amazing work on your blog! i’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!
    ❤ Ashlee

    PS I really need to do this!

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