Current Favorites (beauty, fashion, lifestyle)

Hey there long time no speak ,I know but I a back (hopefully) so without further adieu let’s get into my current favorites.




In the beauty category I don`t really have that many things , its been quite a weird transitional period when I have`t been reaching for my bold dark lipsticks yet , but my summery dewy/ bronzy look wasn`t approprat  either . What I have been doing for my everyday makeup is a matt face with a bit of contouring and a 90`s Kyle Jenner type look as well as a stronger brow.

1 Rimmel Kate lipstick in 08 Rosette , is a great budget alternative for the 90`s lip that everyone has been loving , the color is not as concelary as what Kylie Jenner usually wears but that suits my complexion a bit better , if I do want a paler looking shade I will mix it with my Givency lipstick in 101 Beige . The formulation of the Rimmel Kate lipsticks is one of my favorites , they are not at all drying on the lips and what I really appreciate is the way these lipsticks wear throughout the day .

2 Bennefit Speed Brow is the untinted version of the Benefit Gimme Brow which you might have heard a loot more about in the blogosphere. The reason why I chose the Speed Brow as oppose to the Gimme Brow is because I have a whole loot of brows , so they don`t really need feeling in or tinting but what they do need is some taming and that is exactly what this product does for me ,it keeps  my brows in place all day so I don`t need to worry about them moving around . What I have to add though ist that this is just a clear brow gel , don`t get me wrong it has been doing its job well but the price tag isn`t worth it , so I don`t think I will be repurchasing, instead I will probably go for a clear mascara or another drugstore option if I can find it.

3 As far as nails go this start of fall but not quite has really put a damper on my excitement for dark nails. So this shade  Ciate in Pillow Fight is a great in between , it is a grey with a purple undertone (the picture doesn`t really pick up the purple) that is still light enough for the sunshine and warmth going on outside.



This past year I really have been getting more and more into the relaxed , sporty look and these bad boys have been my saviors for the 8AM classes when the last thing I want to do is think about getting dressed let alone  have to wear an uncomfortable pair of healed shoes. As far as the outfits I`ve been pairing these beautys with ,  leggings an oversize hoodie and my lovely new leather jacket which will hopefully make an appearance on the blog soon. They have also been on my feet non stop on the weekends with a pair of high-waisted black rolled up jeans a cute hoodie tucked in  ,in the front and a simple black beanie.


 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       You don`t need to look to hard on my past blog posts to notice how much I love statement jewelry  , but lately I`ve been gravitating more towards simpler dainty jewelry and this is a new addition that I have been getting my wear out of this past couple of weeks . It is gold which might not be to everyone`s taste but it does look better on my skin tone still I belive H&M do it in silver to. Like I mentioned this is from H&M therefor the quality isn`t the best but I honestly haven`t had any problems with it so far.




My first lifestyle favorite si this gorgeous double-sided leather notebook, which I`ve been using half for school related planning and half for blog planning , so the fact that is double-sided has been a huge plus . The quality is also amazing , I regret not taking a better picture where you could see the beautiful stitching on the side where the 2 different shades of brown leather meet , but trust me on this , it`s gourgeous.



Fall also means warm drinks , at least for me it does. And the tea I have been loving is the Taylors English Breakfast Tea , which is quite odd for me since I never used to like any black teas before but this particular brand has made me a believer . I since have tried other English Breakfast teas but non have compared so my obsession has become so bad that even though this tea is particularly hard to find where I live , I tracked down a website and I ordered 4 more packs ( Sorry not sorry).



I am usually a huge fan of Tv Shows but since school has been kicking my but  the list of shows I have been getting round to watching has been dwindling down significantly. Still  the one show  I had to watch every sing week has been The Great British Bake Off . I am such a huge fan of backing and pair that with a british competition show and I am hooked . Also I have to say that this season has been my favorite, so if you have an interest in baking or not I totally recommend this show.



As far as music goes I haven`t had time really to find any good songs lately but one song I have been listening to obsessively is Colbie Caillay`s new song Try . It has a great message as well as a beautiful melody.

If you made it this far how about leaving me a comment with some of your favorites for the upcoming cold weather that I should try!!!!!!!!!

Love Laura.



9 thoughts on “Current Favorites (beauty, fashion, lifestyle)

  1. I absolutely LOVE you black nikes? Are they female or male version? I’m trying my hardest to find a pair of 5s & I’m not having much luck. I know a lot of people have been buying the male version but they only start in a size 6?! Ahhhh I will just have to keep searching. What a fabulous favourites post!
    Rebecca xxx

  2. I enjoy everything in this post, but I especially like the gold necklace from H&M. I feel exactly the same way- I have always been one to wear huge, chunky statement necklaces but lately I have been reaching for daintier pieces. I have been looking everywhere for affordable necklaces that fit the bill and this one is perfect! Great post.

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