Everyday Fall Makeup Routine

Fall is upon us , everyone`s favorite fashion season , when heavy knits and dark lipsticks come back into our lives . Fall is definitely THE fashion season  but what about makeup? Well in this post I will be going through the products I use on an everyday basis for my go to fall makeup routine everything from base , contour , eyes and lips. Hope you enjoy



As far as my base goes the products I use tend to have a matt finish as well as a higher coverage .

1. Sephora Mineral Powder Brush 45. is my all time favorite foundation brush . It does a great job of buffing in my foundation and really make it look as skin like as possible .

2. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation (shade  N117) , a cult favorite is an amazing foundation that does a great job of looking quite natural in comparison to other high coverage foundation . definitely my all time favorite high coverage foundations. What I will say about it is that most women would probably use this as more of an evening foundation as oppose to a daytime foundation but I personally like the coverage for everyday and it is also a great long wearing foundation , great for the days I have classes for 10 h.

3. Maybelline Afinitone Conceler (shade 02Natural) is the conceler I usually use for spots or discoloration as long as it is not a huge zit in which case I would use the next product I`m going to talk about. I personally don`t really need concealer on my undereye area but on the rare occasion I deeded it and tried to use it there it really disappointed me .It slipped around and creased really badly even when I set it with powder.

4 Make Up For Ever (shade 4) is definitely the best heavy-duty high coverage concealer , this bad boy will cover any pesky annoying zit . I honestly don`t know what I would do without it.

5 YSL Radiance Enhancing Pressed Powder  is a great powder that won`t make your makeup look cakey . I don`t use this every day , just because I don`t need to , I do use it when I know I will have a long day , and it really does do a great job of extending the wear of my foundation. Another thing I love about this powder is the finish , as the name sais it has a more radiant finish as oppose to a matt one , and when I say radiant finish I don`t mean it has glitter or anything it actually helps my foundation have a more skin like look.

Contour and Highlight


I really do love a bit of contour and highlight and if you have read some of my past posts you might remember theses products because I pretty much use them all year round in different ways and quantities.

1 The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer ; like I said I use this all year round in different ways. In the fall I actually prefer a stronger contour that really defines my cheekbones. For my contour I use the brush that is under the products which I taper in order to position the contour right under my cheekbones and then I release to blend the edges in.

2The Balm Mary -Lou  Manizer is not a highlight for the faint of heart , it is very much so a in your face sort of highlight so during fall I don`t use it that much , I usually use it on the days my makeup looks a little dull.


Eyes and Eyebrows


As you can see my eye makeup is quite minimal and there are two reasons for this , number one is that I have really small eyes so any dark eye look usually makes them appear even smaller and the second reason is that for everyday I just can`t be bothered with any sort of blending and that sort of stuff. You might notice that a very important product is missing in this picture , the reason for that is not that I don`t use mascara is just that I just screwed up when I took the pictures and forgot to put it in . So I am going to add here that my all time favorite mascara is the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara.

1 Benefit Speed Brow not much to say here it is a clear brow gel that does a good job of taming my wild eyebrows.

2 Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner , a step I don`t do everyday just because it requires a bit of time and concentration but I love the look of a pale lid with a very discreet cat eye flick.

3 Benefit Stay Don`t Stray Primer , which I use on its one to cover the veins in that area as well as give a paler look to the eyelid.



For the lip category I restrained my self and only showed two lipsticks , one bold one and one that is more natural. I say that I restrained myself because I am a huge lover of a bold lip in the colder seasons so I do have quite a few but I did chose my favorite one.

1 Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 08 Rosette is my natural pick , this shade is a great budget option for the Kylie Jenner look and a great lipstick for everyday since it is a great wearing lipstick . What I mean by that is that it is a long wearing lipstick but more that when it does start to wear off it kind of just fades it doesn`t peal off in patches like other lipsticks.

2MAC Lipstick in Rebel , probably my all time favorite lipstick , definitely a bold shade for daytime but during fall I love it full-out . If you are not as brave you can still wear it , what I do is put it on lightly and blend it in with my finger this will help it last longer as well as give it a softer look.


What is your favorite fall bold lipshade please let me know #boldlipaddict

7 thoughts on “Everyday Fall Makeup Routine

  1. Love Lady Danger by Mac or Vegas Volt with plain white tee, navy jeans and cute boots. Best accessory a gal could buy.

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