Fall Lairing Lookbook

Fall is hands down my favorite season when it comes to fashion , and I think it  all comes down to layering. It is definitely not easy to make a layered outfit be both stylish as well as flattering , that is a trap that we can fall into . Personally I don`t have the body of a supermodel (or  anywhere near it) and on top of that I am 5 ft 2  therefore I need to be particularly carefull when layering , to make sure my outfit is still flattering as well as that I don`t look drowned by it .In this post I put together 3 outfits very similar to some of my favorite everyday layered outfits I have been wearing . Hopefully you get some inspiration from them.layering

This first look is quite casual , something I would wear to class , but I still feel like it`s very cool.The v-neck under the open check shirt is the piece that still shows your figure underneath ,and the rolled up boyfriend jeans with the trainers give it a cool feel .

1 T-shirt     2 Plaid Shirt      3 Puffy Vest      4 Trainers      5 Beanie      6 Jeans       7 Handbag 


This next outfit is based on the slip picking under the oversize sweater , which I have been loving . This particular outfit can go overly sexy and that is why I chose to pair the flat riding boots and the Burberry looking scarf. The fedora and bag really take the outfit to the next level.

1 Hat         2 Slip       3 Sweater       4 Scarf       5 Boots      6 Necklace      7 Bag


To my mothers dismay most of my cold season wardrobe is this exact color pallet , and this outfit is very close to what I usually wear when I don`t have time to really think about it.The black body and coated jeans will show your figure and the coat sweater paired with a leather vest will keep you warm and make you look like you put so much more effort than you actually did..

1 Boot        2 Sweater        3 Body       4 Vest       5 Bag         6 Jeans 

If you made it to the end , how about leaving me a comment telling me which of the 3 outfits was your favorite or how you like to layer in the fall. I shall love you forever.


17 thoughts on “Fall Lairing Lookbook

    1. Thanks so much, and I am sorry you don’t have fall where you live. Still I think light layers would be a great way to still dress fall like but not actually die of heat stroke. Try a white loose V neck with a light flannel over , maybe with some denim shorts. Fall inspired but still good for warm weather.

  1. Love those outfit ideas. Sadly, we don’t really have fall here. Its hot almost all year round. The cold barely lasts two months and even then, its not cold enough to require anything more than one layer. But I’d probably still love to wear something like the second one without the boots.

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