Accessory & Stationary Haul

Hey girls & boys , well I don`t know about you, but where I live, January sales are the best , so of course as any respectable shopaholic I took full advantage . This is going to be the first of a few hauls I will be doing this month, but it`s ok because February will be a no buy month for me .

This haul really consists of a few staples in my life , things that might cost a bit more , but which I know I will get my use out of.


The first thing I got is this amazing Zara handbag ( link ), very much a dupe for the classic Chanel bags ( 2.55  or the Boy Bag) . I will be doing a review / what`s in my bag post for this bag so I won`t go to much into it here but I do want to mention something. Even though I found this bag in the sale ( here in Romania it was part of the fall/winter collection) I found that in many other countries is part of the spring/summer collection so you could still find it if you want, just check you`re local website.
I didn`t use to be into expensive sunglasses , the H&M 10$ ones worked just fine for me , but after purchasing my first pair of Ray Ban`s last year I kind of got a bit addicted . This ones I got after selling one of my old pairs , and I actually found them in the sale for as much as I had gotten for my old pair and they are exactly what I had wanted , a simple classic Wayfarer shape in black. The frame is mat which I don`t really mind and they are also the largest size (I like my shades to cover as much of my face as possible) (link)


Stationary is one of my loves and I know I am not the only one so get ready fellow stationary feans I got a bit carried away in the Moleskine section.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Composition notebooks (lined ) they came in this pack of 3 and they were really affordable for Moleskine because in stead of the classic leather outside they have craft paper. Again I use one of these for my blog and I will be doing a whole post on all the equipment I use for blogging and my organisation method where I will talk more about it. ( link )
This next purchase has become my new love, I am a huge organisation and lists freak and this bad boy is my actual dream planner. I got the daily planner and honestly I couldn`t wish for anything more (it comes with stickers , do I have to say more? ) . I recommend it completely .Again I will be going more in-depth in my organisation post coming soon  but if you have any questions leave me a comment and I will be sure to touch upon it in that post. (link)
And just because I am obsessed I “had” to get a Moleskin pen as well , I mean I do need a pen that clips perfectly on my planner , Right? (link)
Hope you enjoyed my little haul and if you would like some more just stay tuned I have a bunch more coming as well as some other fun posts . Regardless to say I am really excited to get back into blogging and hopefully with all these planners and fancy pens I will manage to keep on top of both school and blogging and there won`t be any more “breaks”.

Love Laura



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