Beauty Blogger Enabled Wish List

One of the dangers of being an avid reader of blogs, be they fashion, beauty or interior design, is that you are bound to develop a very long wish list , so long that it makes your wallet shudder every time you even think about it . Well considering I have one of these enabling machines I tought I would share a few of the products currently on my wish list and continue spreading the disses. SORRY NOT SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skin care

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 Starting with skin care , one of my all time obsessions are lip balms. Since I have very dry lips I have tried my fair share of lip balms and this latest one from Bite Beauty is supposed to be amazing. Well it isn`t exactly a lip balm it is in fact a lip mask which you are supposed to apply in the evenings and sleep with on. I have high hopes for it and my dry lips really need it.(link)
The second skin care item on my wish list is a chemical exfoliant toner, so it doesn’t have to be this one , there are a few brands out there that have these sort of tonners , the PIXI Glow Tonic is another one which has great reviews. The reason for my chosing the Mario Badescu apart from getting great reviews is actually a bit of national pride , I don`t know if you know this but Mario Badescu is a Romanian brand just like Anastasia Beverly Hills ( yeah the Beverly Hills might indicate otherwise but the queen of eyebrows and the founder / creator of the brand is Romanian and we even  have a few of her brow salons here in Bucharest). Getting over that little  fact of the day , these tonners are supposed to gently exfoliate the skin ( great for sensitive skin) and help with getting rid of discoloration from spots. (link )


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Moving on to makeup I am not hugely into eye shadow , I have really small eyes and my makeup focuses more on a bold lip ( since it is one of my favorite features I try to accentuate that) and the eyes I keep simple with a natural slightly light shade and lots of mascara . Anyways I have a couple smaller pallets mostly by Too Faced but I have decided I need to invest in a larger nudes palette along the lines of the Naked pallets . I decided on the Lorac Pro since it seems to have the best shades for my skin tone and a good mix of both mate and shimmery shadows. Plus it is for sure a cult favorite amongst beauty bloggers. (link)
Moving on to what is probably the most luxurious brand on the market and that is Tom Ford. As I have mentioned before I am definitely a lip girl and I do enjoy an expensive lip product and what is more luxurious than a Tom Ford lipstick . This purchase is  going to have to wait a bit  since it isn`t easy to justify a 50$ lipstick even for a lipstick obsessed like me. (link)
Lastly I have a product I am surprised I don`t already own and that is a Beauty Blender . I have tried a few wanna be dupes since we can`t get it here in Romania but I wasn’t pleased with any of them so I decided enough is enough and I will have to take the plunge and find somewhere online to order it. (link)






My final item on this wish list is a perfume , well actually two perfumes the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Perfumes , that even though I have never smelled I am obsessed with, and it is all because of the blogging community that have been raving about both of these fragrances. Next time I find my self in a Duty Free (yeah you guessed it , you can`t get these in Romania either , do you see a recurring trend here?) I will have to look for them.  (link)

What are some of the items that have ended up on your wish list because of bloggers leave them in a comment , lets spread the disses !!!!

21 thoughts on “Beauty Blogger Enabled Wish List

  1. Great list! I would definitely recommend the Nirvana White over the Black. White is just perfect for everyday. I have the rollerball but am tempted to get the full size in the future

  2. I have my eye on the UD Naked Basics Palette but after reading your post I’m so tempted to get the Lorac Pro too! Also I’m looking for a good makeup brush cleanser and have seen BeautyBlender’s around but didn’t know much about it.. perhaps I will give it a try now 🙂

  3. I had loooong list!:D Now I save pictures of what I’d like to get and from time to time I open folder and check them and delete some. Because when I save them I’m very enthusiastic but then common sense comes:D Also I check how many alike items I several palettes or glosses of alike shades or may be something alike what I have already.

  4. It’s sooo true! I have such a long list of things I’d love to buy. Recently I made a plan which new items I want to buy the next months and I noticed I’ve got a lot of eyeshadows and lipsticks. I think lipsticks are my favs ♥

  5. I love the Beauty Blender! I don’t really know why….but it applies my foundation on really well. And it’s great for blending! Thanks for the recs

  6. Love this list! Lorac pro palette is a must. They are insanely creamy and pigmented. I was shocked when I barely touched a shade and bam color! Also if you get the beauty blender, get the beauty blender Solid cleanser instead. The liquid one is crap.

  7. I love the Nars Audacious lipsticks….They are expensive but they are just brilliant! If you want a good dupe for the Lorac palette try They ship internationally and their Iconic Pro palettes are exact dupes for the Lorac palettes. You will die when you see the pigmentation and also the price! 🙂

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