Gym OOTD #HealthBreakdown

Today`s post is another #HealthBreakdown post, all about what I wear to the gym. It is a very honest post , no fashionable twist or anything too cool. I wanted to show you what I wear on a normal day when the last place I want to be is the gym, when I look like c**p and the only color in the world is black. Like I said it is not an inspirational outfit post, but I think it is a good option if you don`t want to think about it but you stil want a flattering look  that is  put together and easy.

Starting with the basics , these were both in my latest workout wear haul. The yoga pants are Reebok and right now they are my favorites, they suck everything in but are still comfortable. The jacket is a simple windbreaker style , great for running outdoors , but in Bucharest we are still getting -3, -5 C on a regular basis so right now I am using it for the gym and loving it.
The top is H&M and the only color to be seen in this outfit. I love the high neck ,it just makes me less self conscience and the low-cut armholes make it a bit cooler since you get a pick of the sports bra. Sunglasses are a must for me in the mornings, with no makeup on , these are a classic Wayferer style by RayBan with mate frames. My gym shoes are the Nike Flex Experience and as far as I have used them , they have been really good.
 My gym bag is by Oysho, it is really simple, again black just to go with all my gym stuff and has enough space for everything you could possibly need. Next I have my water bottle very girly apart from being purple it also has glitter particles in the transparent part. Another must for me is my Ipod Shuffle , I prefer having my own pump up music and this Ipod is just tiny and you can clip it to your cloths and don`t have to worry about it falling, having to carry it or that your arm brace is sliding down.

9 thoughts on “Gym OOTD #HealthBreakdown

  1. Thanks for this article. I do not go to the gym but I exercise at home every morning before the madness of school runs starts . I still like to look good in gym clothes, it motivates me.

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