Etsy Spring Home Wishlist


I really enjoy home design and I am definitely one of those annoying people who change-up their room for every season. I don`t go full on redesigning my room , but I do enjoy changing up the accent pieces. My room is mostly white with accents of natural wood so it really lends itself to redesigns according to seasons, for example for winter I bring in metallics, greys , and knit textures but for spring I feel the need for color and a bit more life so I add mostly pastels colors like soft pinks and blues as well as flower patterns. Etsy is a great place for getting little accents for your home and I decided to pick 5 of the things that have been on my spring wishlist and share them with you. Hope it inspires you to give your own space a new life this spring.


There are so many wreaths right now on Etsy ,I got sucked in too. I tried at first to tell my self I live in an apartment and there really is no point in getting one , but after seeing so many cute ones I just caved .I would even put this on my bedroom door it is so pretty and springy .If you are lucky enough to have a nice front door (jealous) this would look amazing and inviting. If this particular one is not exactly your taste there are so many on there you are bound to find one you like.(link)



As I previously mentioned for spring I like adding pastel shades to my room in little accents and these buddha heads  would work wonderfully . The colors are exactly what I am looking for and they would look great on my bookshelf .(link)




I`ve wonted a world map to hang on my wall for ages and when I saw this one I fell in love on the spot. The Etsy shop only sells the art so you will have to print it out yourself which has both advantages and disadvantages . I personally would print it on canvas and use a ghost frame , I just think it would look amazing on my white wall . (link)



Something else I have been looking for ages is some sort of initial decor piece. This particular one would be perfect for spring-summer. It is very different from anything  I have seen before and if you have a daughter or a little girl who you need to buy a present for I think this would be perfect, I mean what little girl wouldn`t love to have one of these on their wall. I would put it in my bookcase , it is just a personal preference ,I think I am a bit too old to have it hanging over my bed but on my shelf I think it would look really cool. (link)



And lastly , my favorite way to change the look of a room are throw pillows (I have a bit of an addiction) . This particular one has a beautiful floral design that just screams spring to me .(link)

15 thoughts on “Etsy Spring Home Wishlist

  1. Love the throw pillow and the map, I’ve been looking for something similar, but I want a black canvas with a metallic print of the continents. I’ve seen some but they are so expensive!!

  2. The throw pillow is my fave! I can totally see it complementing so many different colours and textures. I’m in love with home design and homewares at the moment. Now I just need a house to decorate!

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