Current favorites

I haven`t done one of these posts since November so sorry if it gets a little long but I have a couple of products I really want to share with without further adieu here are some of the things I`ve `been loving recently.



My first makeup favorite has to be the Burjois Healthy Mix Foundation, it really is a great light, natural foundation. Even though this foundation does a good job on my dry skin I am sure that it would work great with normal and even combination skin. Honestly I have yet to meet a Burjois foundation that I didn`t like ( I am now trying their CC cream and so far so good) it’s really easy to find a good shade for my skin, I like how much they incorporate good for the skin ingredients , I personally really like the smell and they never look cakey not even on my dry skin. I really recommend this foundation for a light to medium coverage (it can be built up ) and a beautifully natural finish.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now when it comes to mascaras I can always relay on Maybelline (I also like the Falsies and the Rocket by Maybelline) and this new discovery has to be my new favorite .It`s The Colossal Go Extreme Volume in the waterproof version , my eyes are quite small so I usually go simple with my eyeshadow but with extreme lashes (the bigger the better), I already am lucky enough to have very long lashes so I usually go for volumizing mascaras and this one is the best I have tried so far for volume. It is a very black mascara which is one of the main things I look for , I sometimes have problems with flaking but not with this one ,it stays put (even when you try to take it off , you really need a good eye makeup remover) and in my experience it gets better once it dries up a bit like two weeks after opening. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have recently dyed my hair a little lighter and am getting tired of my statement lip so this little guy has been a statement in my makeup routine recently. It is the Rimmel Kate lipstick in the shade 08 and is one of my favorite pinky nude lipsticks , plus the formula of the Rimmel Kate lipsticks is probably my second favorite after the MAC formula . By the way I would love to hear what are you’re favorite nude MAC or drugstore  lipsticks because I want to pick up a few more for spring .OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This product is an interesting one , it is The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter . I say it is an interesting product because I initially got it because I wanted a cream highlighter but it really disappointed me and I kind of forgot I even had it. A few months later I saw in a Essie Button video that she was using it as a primer and I have been loving it like that . I put it on my cheekbones the bridge of my nose and forehead and it looks beautiful under a shear foundation like the healthy mix it really wakes up my dull dry skin. If you have it and don`t really use it as a highlighter try putting it under your foundation.



This hairspray has really been helping me to keep my hairstyle as long as possible , especially since going lighter I have been trying to wash it every 3 days and with this my waves have been lasting that long. It is the Garnier FlexHold & Volume Hairspray (04 Ultra Strong). Don`t get scared by the ultra strong part , even though it might be a bit crispy in the first hour that goes away quite quickly.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I`ve really been loving more dainty jewelry , I mean don`t get me wrong I will always go back to my statement necklaces when I need to fab up a simple outfit , but I have been loving simple little necklaces. I usually like to stack two at the base of the neck , usually gold ones (they look best with my skin tone and they are less visible). This one is from H&M , they have a great selection at amazing prices ,if you want to experiment to find out what works for you, the quality is not the best in terms of oxidation but they don`t feel to cheap.



This might be a bit to random but , I have been loving ziplock bags . They are really great for snacking responsibly. What I mean by that is that when you are busy with classes like me or work , you might be tempted when out and about and hungry to grab less healthy snacks , what I do to combat that is to pack seeds , cut up fruit , healthy whole wheat snacks and have those in my bag at all times . It not only makes you eat healthier options but you can also control your portions if you are watching your weight .OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For an organisational freak like me planners are my obsession and this Moleskine one is my perfect planner . It really is the best in terms of organisation it has everything I could ever wish for , it isn`t the smallest but I don`t mind that and I will for sure stick with it for  future years .


1990s and 2000s 45s Five

I don`t know if it’s just me but I feel like there hasn`t been that much good music released these past 2,3 months . So what I have been doing and loving is listening to throwback late 90`s early 2000`s music. I usually like listening to playlists on YouTube , but you can also find them on Sound Cloud . I will add some of my favorites here, here and here. If like me you are a 90`s child these songs will make your day , also if you happen to go on a road trip with friends they will make it fly by while you sing , jam out and share stories.

You Tube

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Honestly when `i`ve been watching YouTube I`ve been enjoying more vlogs than the fashion , beauty videos , and I`ve especially been loving Jim Chapman`s vlogs. I don`t know if you know anything about him but apart from being a YouTuber he is also involved in fashion and  writes articles for a few magazines. What I enjoy about his vlogs apart from all the fashion and entertainment industry parties he attends is his personality, he is truly a good guy , fun , kind and so relatable . I hate when YouTubers are almost ashamed of what they do and shy away from vlogging in public , Jim really embraces what he does and gives a good view into all the awesome things he gets to do and for someone like me who is interested in the inner workings of the fashion world it is really interesting.(link)



I recently watched The Mindy Project , a tv show which I was never interested in watching but I have to admit it stole my heart . I will be the first to say it isn`t a masterpiece or anything but it is a show that will make you feel good, forget about your problems, laugh and wish you could be Mindy`s friend. Worth watching on a relaxing weekend maybe with a friend and definitely with some form of chocolate .

16 thoughts on “Current favorites

  1. I use Healthy Mix and the CC Cream from Bourjois for 2 years, it’s so so good 🙂
    Love the lipstick Kate, got the same !
    Very inspiring blog, keep going ❤


  2. Helthy Mix foundation is very good. I used it also some time ago. Now I’m a fan of Lumene CC cream. If you have it in your country I’d recommend you to try it:) Rimmels lipstick are very good. I have few.

  3. I saw the videos that Estée used the radiant highlighter as well.
    I believe Fleur from fleurdeforce had also used it on one of her videos and both said that it is indeed a great light-enhancing primer.

    It looks like a lot of pink, does the pink show up that much? Do you think it would work well with darker skin tones (I’m around MAC NC/NW35-40 normally)?

    Great post, I followed. 🙂


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