5 TV Shows that have shaped my style

If you know me you know how much I enjoy relaxing with a good (or really bad) Tv show and I have seen my fair share. Especially in my teen years when I first started to really think about my outfits , there were a couple shows that really inspired me and helped me develop my taste for fashion.

The Hills


I include here all those MTV shows (Laguna Beach , The Hills , The City) . Firstly I should say that my first so-called “style icon” was Lauren Conrad which I still love and in her Hills days I was obsessed with her headband look , the blue one shoulder dress she wore to her date with Stephen. She really tought me about mastering the casual coll look while still looking feminine and put together.

Gossip Girl


If you are part of my generation this show has impacted your teen years just as much as it has impacted mine. I still dream of being Serena Vanderwoodsen. I still dream of getting to wear the same amazing ball gowns they seem to have worn even to brunch. It isn`t really what I would wear on an everyday basis still I shall never forget the matching dresses Blair and Serena wore on their guerilla photo shoot in Central Park or Blaire`s red dress she wore in Paris when she stood up the prince of Monaco.



The remake of the famous 80`s show not only influenced the way I dress but has also made me love California even more . If you want to master the california -cool look you need to watch this . All those bonfires and beach days were spot on and as far as style goes Annie is the perfect boho inspiration and Niomi was flawless from start till finish.

The OC


The original california teenage drama was probably my first contact with the relaxed cool of the california girl . A look that I still strive for (the relaxed cool not the california girl) . Marissa and Summer were the quintessential popular girls in my eyes . There was nothing cooler than the two of them subsequently their fashion sense was everything to me .

10 thoughts on “5 TV Shows that have shaped my style

  1. YES YES YES @ Gossip GIrl! One of the best dressed shows in my opinion. Another great one is Sex and The City, my all time fave!

  2. Your shows are so west coast! 🙂 I remember Naomi used to rock some amazing looks in that 90210 remake. But I think for my generation it was probably more the original 90210 and maybe sex and the city; and now the 90s are back so it’s ok! Hehe

  3. First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog. I grew up on the original 90210. I remember Niomi’s outfits on the show was what got me watching the remake. Loved it!

  4. So many of Lauren’s looks on The Hills inspired me! My biggest issue is that I’m in a country where it never gets extremely warm (we might hit 80F a few days per year), so it can feel hard to transition the California style (something I also adore) into an environment where a hoodie and giant coat feels preferable. Any tips or tricks for this? x

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