Going lighter and the changes I made (haircare, makeup, fashion)

I used to be very scared of changing up my hair, I didn`t dye it and I kept it a simple medium length style . Lately though I`ve been experimenting a bit more, especially when it comes to color. I had a ombre since last spring but it was mostly gone since my hair grows quite quickly and I trim it regularly. This time I took the plunge and went for a balayage that starts a few inches from my roots. I am a true brunette so even though the highlighted parts aren`t that blond the change to my look has been quite severe. It did take some getting used to but I do love it and have no regrets . I also needed to learn to work with it from changing up my haircare routine to changing up my makeup and wardrobe . My new hairstyle triggered a whole wave of changes and I will tell you all about them, so keep on reading.


I basically changed my whole haircare routine ,adding some new steps and changing some of the products to cater to color treated hair.



Firstly I switched to a paraben free shampoo for color treated hair . This is important even if you don`t have bleached hair because it will make your color last longer.


I also added a purple shampoo to combat brassiness . It is definitely not a gimmicky product , I was very surprised with what a difference it made after a few uses .



I have started doing a mask with either olive or coconut oil once a week , before washing my hair I put in the oil from my ear down and leave it for half an hour to an hour. I then wash it and condition normally.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have also found a hair mask that was recommended by my hairstylist ( she actually used it after dying my hair). It really is great and surprisingly affordable even though it might be hard to find it in other countries I will leave the one I use bellow but you can get any other hair mask just make sure it is for color treated hair and it is as moisturising as possible. I also used the mask as my conditioner for the first two weeks after dying just to bring as much moisture as possible. (Kallos Placenta Hair mask)

Leave in products


I have also started using a leave in oil . I know these products are quite controversial but I like how they make my hair feel and they also get rid of any frizz.


I have touched on this in my latest favorites post(link), but I have been trying to wash my hair every 3 (even four ) days. Frequent washing deteriorates your hair and also it means I style it less and use heat less frequently. To get away with three day hair I have been relying on a couple of products.


Dry shampoo, my new best friend, is a life saver. I swear by the Batiste Dry shampoo. I think everyone already knows about dry shampoo and Batiste but if you don`t you need to try it , it will change your life (maybe a bit dramatic but I do love it). I am usually ok for the first two days and on the third I bring in the dry shampoo.


Another tool I use to keep my hair presentable for a few days is a good hairspray . I admit I still use my curling wand ( I know it`s not good for my hair) but I feel the need to add a few waves and with balayage hair it looks best with a bit of a messy wave. To keep a bit of wave in my hair I use a good strong hold hairspray. I know strong hold hairsprays can be crispy but personally I have found one that is not too bad.


Since I have always been a brunete with brown eyes I kept my makeup on the coral side. I never liked how pinks looked on me and the same thing happened with blushes. I kept my lips in a reedy shade or plum maybe something coral and just some contour. Now I am starting to wear more pinky nudes with a bit of pinky blush and bronzer .I also can`t wait to do a really golden sun-kissed look for the summer.


As for clothing even though I still like how my hair looks with an all black outfit (I don`t look as goth as I used to with my dark hair) I`ve also been loving white and even PINK yeah  you heard me I did say pink . I have a silky dressing gown that is a very shocking shade of pink with a bit of a berry undertone and it has been my favorite thing to wear . Unfortunately it isn`t appopriet to wear in public and I haven`t been able to find a shirt I liked quite that pink. Anyways enough about my dressing gown what I want to say is that lightening the color has really made me wear more color and light fabrics.

If you are also contemplating making a change this spring I say go for it, chances are you will enjoy something new , and lets be honest in today`s world you can just as easily change it if you don`t like it. Hope this post helps you out and that you enjoyed it!

27 thoughts on “Going lighter and the changes I made (haircare, makeup, fashion)

    1. Hey Maia , I usually only leave the olive oil in for an hour or so, I put it in from my ears down. I shampoo my hair twice and I haven’t had any problems with greasy hair!

  1. I have dry blonde hair, and think the dry shampoo is definitely worth a try. A hair dresser once told me to only use shampoos and conditioners with silk protein in them. They help, but are so very expensive. L’Oreal products were the only ones that ever felt helpful or like they were working. Cool suggestions, and I hope you have a great Spring. Your hair looks pretty by the way.

  2. I am a big fan of Argan Oil. it makes my hair so much softer and more manageable. And you can;t go wrong with Batiste for a fresh up. I wish I could wash my hair less often but it always looks really grim after I have been to the gym a couple of days in a row.

  3. Oh I know Kallos! This brand is used even in salons? It’s very affordable hungarian products. Everyone loves Keratin mask from this brand! I tried only Banana (second popular) and want to try keratin as people are really amazed by its quality and effect.

    1. Honestly I have tried shampoos that claim to help hair growth but I don’t think they work. I think when it comes to preventing hair fall and helping hair grow faster it’s more about the inside. What I mean by that is a good healthy diet with a bit of protein( very important ) and maybe some omega 3 supplements. Hope this helps !

  4. Great that you are encouraging People changing their look. I changed my hairstyle by cutting it the shortest it has ever been. It is still chin length. But everybody has been so positive about this change. So sometimes you need To change Things. Xoxo Kim ☺

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