10 Things TO DO to get ready for Spring

The beginning of a new season is always a exiting time, so I decided to compile a list of things TO DO in order to get ready for spring. I hope you enjoy and Happy Spring!

1. Spring Clean your wardrobe

Starting off with the obvious , get out your warm season wardrobe and go through it. It might not be warm enough to make the switch yet , but for sure you are already starting to buy some new spring clothes so look through what you already have. Be ruthless , it’s the perfect time to get rid of some stuff you know you aren`t going to wear anymore. See where your wardrobe is lacking and make a wish list of what you want to add to it.

2.Buy a new pink or nude lipstick

I don`t know about you but as much as I love my bold lips, when the sun starts coming out I don`t feel like they work as well , plus after a few months of bold lips I am kind of bored with them. Therefor why not treat yourself to a new pink or nude lippy, be it drugstore or high-end it will get you excited about changing up your routine.

3. Change up your hair

Have you been thinking about making a change , are you obsessed with a celebrity`s new hairstyle ? Well what better time than the start of a new season? I have already went lighter with a lighter balayage, and I love it. Don`t be scared it is just hair , in today’s world you can always change it up if you really don`t like it , but the chances are you will be surprised what a new hairstyle can do to your confidence.

4.Get some new room decor

I always love making small changes throughout the seasons to my room. Be it a new fresh coat of paint of just a new throw pillow . It doesn`t have to be complicated or expensive but it will give your space some life and you will smile every time you see it.

5.Try wering a more sheer foundation

The fall and winter are when I like my mate full coverage foundations for a flawless finish, but once spring comes and the temperature starts rising I can`t stand a thick coat of foundation anymore. I personally love a more natural look in the spring with a sheer foundation with a dewy finish that you can`t even notice on your skin. If you don`t think your skin is good enough to get away with a sheer foundation , well that is what concealer is for. Do a bit of spot concealing with a good concealer like the Makeup For Ever Full Cover Concealer before or after your foundation and you will get the same skin like finish without seeing your imperfections.

6.Add some color

I mean I am not one to talk , I basically live in black , white and grey in the fall and winter , but I am really feeling the need to add some life to my springtime wardrobe . Start small with an accessory, I always love a statement bag in a bold color, or a top in a color that will compliment your skin tone. If you are a neutrals girl like me , it might be daunting , I get that , but once you get over the shock , you will feel more confident and the compliments will start flowing.

7.Buy some flowers

This won`t really get you ready for spring but it will get you exited for the new season. I love having flowers in my room, they make me smile every morning. I always love some soft pink peonies or tulips.

8.Get yourself a new pair of blue jeans

I know how much you love your leggings but it is time to say goodby to them , don`t worry they will still be there next fall but springtime is not the season for black tights. So to get you excited to ware something else why not buy yourself a new pair of blue jeans that fit you like a dream. Don`t go for a trendy pair , go for something classic that will make your legs and butt look amazing, it will be your go to pair that you will wear with any top and just go out the door without thinking about it. You don`t have to pay too much for them , there are good high street options out there( H&M always have good options for cheep) but if you know they will be staple in your wardrobe why not invest in a good pair that will last you a long time .

9.Get inspired

Be that the old fashion way , by buying a stack of your favorite magazines or the new age way by opening up your Blogloving feed and seeing what is popular. Again it`s not about coping trends , it’s about seeing what is out there , what speaks to you and what will work with your style. You can also invite a friend and go window shopping , see what is new and what you want to add to your wish list for spring. I always say that its good to have a day of just strolling through the shops when the new collections come in ,just to get an idea of the styles, prices and what you will like, and maybe a weekend later go in to do the actual shopping. This way you have a definite idea of what you want to get and you won`t be overwhelmed and start buying things that you will regret later on.

10.Go for a walk in the park

It`s the beginning of spring , after months of not being able to enjoy the outdoors , now its the time to get your vitamin D back to normal levels . Go for a weekend walk feel the sun on your skin and enjoy not wearing a thousand layers . It will do wonders for your mood and will really get you ready for the warm season.

Hope you have enjoyed this post and will try some them. I will also love to hear what else you do to get ready for the new season, so leave me a comment and I might try it myself.

37 thoughts on “10 Things TO DO to get ready for Spring

  1. I should definitely obey your last rule! Between blogging and work I can’t find a moment to relax under the sun 😦

    However, I also enjoy doing this 😉 And now is time for my next post:
    How Alexander Wang is helping Balenciaga to improve consumer’s perception and the brand’s revenues.



  2. Awesome list. Whenever I do spring cleaning on my wardbrobe it takes two days. Lol I can’t let go of some pieces. And I have a sentimental story for some clothing. So it takes a while!

    1. I completely understand, I also have emotional connections with some of my cloths. What I do is really think if that memory is worth adding clutter and sometimes the answer is yes, but most of the time is no. Plus there are always people who will use and enjoy them more than I will, so that also helps me to make the decision.

  3. living in Belgium, I got a few rays of REAL sun for the first time in months this week, so I will definitely start filling out this list and I’ve already started with some of them! Really great post by the way 🙂 will surely follow you!

    1. I totally know what you mean about the no sun thing, it can really affect your mood. But let’s be positive because all that is behind us and there are only sunny warm days to come, hopefully!

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