Spring Beauty shortlist (makeup , nailpolish)

Spring is probably my favorite season and this year especially I am really looking forward to saying goodby to winter. When it comes to makeup I have to admit I don`t do too much experimenting , I know what suits me and I stick to it. Still I feel like this spring I am embracing more the fresh natural springy look , more so than last spring when I kept a pretty high coverage foundation and my bold lips and simple eyes even after winter. In this post I will take you through my favorites products in every category (base, contour &highlight, blush, eyes, lips) that I will be using for this spring.


light foundations burjois and rimmel

My skin has changed quite a loot since last spring from normal/oily breakout prone to fairly dry , dehydrated  so my foundation choices have also changed quite a bit. This spring I will definitely be sporting a lighter coverage foundation with a dewy natural finish. I chose my current top three favorites to share with you.

1. Burjois Healthy Mix Foundation (color N 51 Light Vanilla) this foundation I have been wearing since the middle of the winter and it has been doing a really nice job ,it’s a good solid foundation for anyone who wants a light to kind of medium coverage. A month ago I would have raved more about it but now I have found another foundation love (coming up next) still a lovely foundation that I know a loot of people enjoy.

2. Burjois 123 Perfect CC Cream (N31 Ivory) this is the new foundation love I mentioned above that has been on my face every day since I got it. I do plan on doing a full review for it probably next week so I won`t go into too much detail here but I will tell you some of the thing I love about it. Firstly this CC cream gives my dry dull skin , the best finish out of any foundation I have tried before , it really looks like you have nothing on , while still doing a good job of covering hiperpigmentation and redness. It won`t cover breakouts but that is not something I personally want from my foundation , for that I use concealer (like the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer). Like I said a in depth review will be coming soon if you are interested in reading more about it.

3.Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation ( N100 Ivory) this is probably the one that gives the most coverage and has more of a satin finish rather than dewy (again on my dry dehydrated skin). My main issue with this foundation is the color range because this is the lightest color and it is still a bit too dark for my skin in early spring, and since it has quite a bit of coverage to it you can really tell.

Highlight Contour and Blush

contour, highlight and blush for all year round

This is probably the category where I am most boring . I will admit that these three products I have had for over a year and have been an everyday staple for my routine . I recently discovered that Sleek is being sold in Romania so I will be getting the contour pallet from them and I also have my eye on the new Max Factor blushes that have recently been all over the blogosphere.

1. The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer : a good bronzer for light skin , not at all orange . I personally use it as a mix of bronzer/ contour by applying it on the edge of my face, under my cheekbone and on my jaw line but blending it quite well.

2. Benefit Rockateur Blush : if you aren`t a blush girl like me this is the blush for you , it`s very light ( on darker skin tones you can`t really see it) and luminous.

3. The Balm Marry-Lou Manizer Highlight : kind of the opposite of the blush I use this is a highlight for someone who likes a good strong highlight, it`s everything but subtle but that is exactly what I like.


Maybelline cream eyeshadows

In the eye category I chose only these bad boys to highlight since my eyeshadows are mostly in limited edition palettes so they aren`t something you can buy anymore. Anyway the Maybelline Color Tattoo`s  are a staple in my daily routine be they as a base under other eyeshadows or just on their own. Since I have really small eyes I tend to keep my eye makeup really simple and I do like my shimmer so these cream eyeshadows are perfect and really quick.


favorite lip products for this spring

Ever since lightening my hair I have been enjoying pinks more, and for this spring these are the type of lip products I will be counting on. I also like wearing lip products that last since I am not a big fan of reapplying my lipsticks so that is why I like putting a lip liner under my lipsticks or why I love this YSL lipstick that wears really nicely throughout the day leaving a nice stain on your lips even after the glossiness wears off.

1 YSL Rouge Volupte Shine ( N 12 Coral Incandescent)

2.Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer ( N600 Nude Eclipse, N201 Solstice)

3. Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Liner (N132 Sweet Pink)


perfect nail shades for spring

I honestly don`t know why but this spring the most exciting thing to me have been nail polishes. I have been in love with light pastel shades and here are some of my favorites right now.

1.Ciate in Candy Floss

2. Maybelline ColoRama in Lilac

3. Ciate in Peperminty

4.Burjois So laque glossy in Peace and Mauve

5.Burjois So laque glossy in Coton sur ton

I also have to give an honorable mention to a polish I was obsessed with last spring but unfortunately I haven`t been able to find again the Ciate in Sugar Plum.

What are some of your must have spring beauty products? Leave me a comment and let me know I would love some recommendations!

21 thoughts on “Spring Beauty shortlist (makeup , nailpolish)

  1. I’ve been meaning to get those apocalips glosses for so long now and still haven’t picked them up. I think this is a sign that I need to make a few of them my next purchase 🙂 I love lilacs in the spring as well, probably my go to color! Great choices!

  2. Oh! I love TheBalm, and I’m definitely going to look out for that bronzer, seeing as mine is almost run out.. and I think that one is a little less expensive than MAC? personally I couldn’t let go of my full-coverage 😀 my skin isn’t really ready for that (and neither is the world, haha)

  3. I liked Bourjois Healthy Mix also but didn’t like Rimmel foundation.
    I don’t think I have spring must-haves:) I like now essence soo glow highlighter (cream-to-powder). I bought it not long time ago and it’s very pretty. I apply it on my cheekbones overmy favorite foundation Lumene CC (I recommend to try it if you have Lumene in your country) and then try nbt to powder cheekbones to have glowier effect:)

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