The shop Review: SheInside

Personally I spend a loot of time on online shops and have developed quite the knowledge when it comes to what are the strong points and the weakness of a loot of online shops. Talking to some of my friends I discovered that most of them are very intimidated of the idea of online shopping , or if they do online shop they mostly stick to one or two stores they know. So my aim with this new series is to hopefully give those who are intimidated by online shopping or in search of new stores a quick to the point review.


Todays post will be about SheInside . I will start of by saying that this is not what you would call a “curated” shop , it is very much about quantity and that has both advantages and disadvantages.Starting off with the positives,  you are bound to find something to suit your taste and at a great price as well, now the main disadvantage is that it does require some serious searching, and I mean you might find yourself looking for hours through thousands of items in each category.

Website Navigation

Like I mentioned before this shop is all about quantity which can prove problematic if you don`t have the time or just don`t want to waste your time browsing through so many items . Now for websites that have such a huge quantity of items I believe it is extremely important to have  good navigation just to help you out if you have a good idea of what you are looking for (ie. navy blazer etc.). In this department I do think SheInside is doing really well in the menu when you go to the different categories (T-shirts, Outerwear etc.) they also already have subcategories (Cotton T-shirts, Stripe T-shirts, Printed T-shirts, Floral T-shirt etc) little things like that can really make a difference if you are in a hurry . Another small thing , but one that I adore about the navigation on this shop is that when you click on an item it automatically opens in another tab. Like I said it might not seem like much but when you are on the middle of a page with 400 items and you click on one you may be interested in , when going back you don`t need to go down the whole page again to find where you were and start all over again. Another great thing about this is that you can keep those tabs and compare a few similar items without having to scroll through again. Small things like this can make the difference when it comes to your shopping experience in my eyes.The last thing I want to add in this category is that I enjoy how they have pictures of the items worn by girls who have bought the items , I just thing it makes such a difference seeing it on different body types and without any editing done.


SheInside does offer WorldWide shipping . They offer Standard Shipping (14.99$ and FREE on orders over 30$ )and Express Shipping (24.90$ and FREE on orders over 99$). One thing I really don`t like about their delivery is how large the delivery period is 5-28 days SS and 3-18 days ES (for most countries , it is less for a few asian countries) especially because written very small is that you also need to calculate another 3-7 days for delivery preparation.

Offers and Codes

This is a site that does always have offers running, apart from their sale section that contains a loot of stuff , they also have a loot of discount codes going all the time (they are usually shown at the top of their home page). They also offer a 20% off your whole first order (might sound good but other very similar websites like Romwe offer 50% off the first order ). Another way you can save money is by inviting others to join( you get 50% off a whole order when 5 of the people you invited sign up ) as well as their rewards program where you win points for every dollar you spend and for leaving reviews on items .

Stock & Prices

I personally think that SheInside excels mostly at their Outerwear section , they have a good variety at good prices. Their T-shirt and Shirt sections are also really great especially when you think of the variety available. I will warn you though, you need to pay really good attention to the pictures and the description of some of the items because in these sections especially the quality is lacking mostly. That is one of the reasons why I really enjoy the customer photos . They have recently added shoes and bags to the website but I really wouldn`t reccomend those sections , the quality is really not very good.


I wanted to add this section just as a warning for those who maybe haven`t ordered anything from an asian store before, for most of them the sizing is usually on the smaller side especially comparing to american sizing. In the case of SheInside this is even more important because they have quite a loot of their tops in one size , which is usually somewhere between a S and an M in European sizing and a S to XS in the american sizing. It might not be the case for all the items but definitely for most of them. Again if you really want an item that only comes in this one size I would recommend firstly to look at the customer photos if they are available and if not really think twice about buying it especially if you are over a size M.

Favorite products

1426747827028871492               1426146838114884225

             Cami 16.17$                                               Blouse 16.99$

1412751969580153686           1407821845187977490

               Skirt 16.33$                                                Jeans 18.50$

1370418534270983275            1425624111708995153

             Blazer 25.67$                                              Bomber Jacket 30.83$

1414393047112695396               1425707285151496500

            Shirt Dress 19.99$                                      Crochet Dress 19.33$

Final points

  • Huge stock
  • Good prices
  • On going offers and discount codes
  • Ships from Hong Kong
  • Offer both Standard Shipping as well as Express
  • Shipping can take from 8-28 days plus a period of 3-7 days for order preparation.
  • Sizing is on the small size , so consider going at least one size bigger
  • Have a great outerwear section and really good tops section
  • Wouldn`t reccomend the shoes and bags
  • The quality can be hit or miss (mostly miss in my experience)
  • Has a good layout and good navigation
  • Because of the amount of stock it can be really time-consuming

I would really love your feedback on this new series idea if it`s at all useful or what other aspects I should add to the review , any other information you would like to read about. So I would really appreciate to hear your thoughts on how I could improve these kind of reviews in the future! Thanks so much!


20 thoughts on “The shop Review: SheInside

  1. I see their ad on my Facebook all the time and to me it always made me question the quality from the prices. There are so many super low cost clothing sites that are terrible quality and actually don’t always ship products and have scams. So low prices always make me weary. :/ thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Some gorgeous items here might have to have a look. I’ve ordered from she inside a few years ago and found the shipping to be really quick to the UK which is good! Decent quality for the price on everything I’ve had – but like you say they stock everything you think of so hours can be lost searching for the right thing! X

  3. That’s really interesting, thanks! I’ve seen SheInside a few times, but I’ve always been reluctant to try them for fear of being ripped off. One thing people might want to bear in mind when ordering from outside their own country, is that they could end up being charged import taxes. How much varies from country to country, but it could end up making the prices not as much of a bargain as they first seem.

  4. I love SheInside! But you’re completely right, I hate how long shipping takes. Such cute clothes though!

  5. Thanks for checking out my post today! I enjoyed reading this post and definitely appreciate your insight into SheInside as well as the overall focus of your blog!

  6. This is so helpful, this series is such a great idea. I’ve been tossing up whether to shop on SheInside for a while now, and you’ve helped me decide! Thanks so much! It’s also great that you covered the layout, quality and deals etc.

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