Burjois CC Cream Review

Todays post will be dedicated to my new favorite summer foundation, I guess starting off by telling you how much I like it doesn`t make for a great review but I have so much more to say about it that I hope you read it through.

Firstly I am going to start by saying that the objective of a CC cream is to color correct and this particular one claims to contain 3 different pigments who are supposed to target different problems of the skin. I personally don`t have problems with redness but I have tried it on  someone who does and it doesn`t do a great job at dealing with it . On the other hand for my skin that has some discoloration from spots and a bit of unevenness it does a really nice job of evening everything out while looking extremely natural . So keep that in mind if you are considering getting this foundation , it is very much a low coverage foundation but if you have pretty good skin it will even everything out while still looking like your skin but better.

I consider I have pretty good skin and I still need to use concelar for any kind of spot or other problems my skin might have , so I will repeat that for someone with good skin this foundation maybehelped by a bit of concelar will be life changing , the finish isn`t too dewy wither just enough to make your skin look healthy but it won`t look to shiny.

Another thing I appreciate is the fact that it contains an SPF , this type of BB CC cream is something I wear all the time in the summer and I like that I can afford to skip a separate  SPF  in my routine, it might not be very high but on a regular day I know I won`t be in the sun to long it would do.


I think this CC cream would work for pretty much any skin type , it is hydrating but it doesn`t feel oily , it has more of a watery texture that sinks into the skin immediately .

As far as the color selection goes , it isn`t the best only 6 shades. On the lighter end the shades are ok , they go pretty pale and being such low coverage it showldn`t be a problem if you are really pale but on the other end of the scale the darker shades are pretty poor.


If I were to compare it to any other foundation , the only one that comes to mind would be the Chanel because of the watery texture , honestly I haven`t seen anything similar at the drugstore. All in all it will be my go to for this spring summer and is the best natural finish foundation I have ever tried.

Have you tried this CC cream before? What was your experience like? If not have I sparked your interest ? Leave me a comment and let me know, I can`t wait to hear your thoughts!

7 thoughts on “Burjois CC Cream Review

  1. I didn’t try it! I wanted and I would try but I have one favorite CC cream and I just can’t leave it for a day:D

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for the review 🙂 I have never tried a CC cream before. Hopefully when I get my skin cleared up a bit I can try this product out ❤

    Talia xo

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