Must Have ALERT – Zara V-neck T-shirt

If you have seen some of my fashion posts you might have sensed my love for V-neck T-shirts, they are such a great staple in my wardrobe so versatile and an all year round must have. I must admit I have quite an addiction to buying them so I have become a bit of a connoisseur in the world of V-necks. Having said all that this particular style is probably all I could ever want in my T-shirts so I tought I`d share.

Zara V-neck T-shirt, the shirt is a bit more expensive than I would usually pay for a simple T-shirt (25.90$) but that is reflected in the quality, plus something really basic like this you will get your wear out of. The style comes in 5 different colors and so far I have 3 of them (charcoal, light grey and white I`m missing the blue and the  mustard yellow/ orange ).

First of all the shape is really great, it skims the body where it needs to and it hangs and hides everything you might not want to show. Another thing I like, and this is just me being the ultimate triple Virgo perfectionist, are the sleeves they aren`t to tight the style of the shirt is not the square-cut style where the sleeve is part of the body of the shirt.


The neckline is really flattering as well, its nice and wide but it doesn`t go to low so you feel self-conscious or have to pull it up from time to time.

The quality of the T-shirt is first of all reflected in the quality of the fabric, it is super soft and the type of material that washes really nicely and almost gets better the more you wear it and stretch it out. It`s not at all see-through not even the white one but is still really light.

The sizing is a bit on the big side , I don`t mind that because I do get my V-necks a bit baggier so I usually size up but in this one the S was already baggy on me (falteringly baggy). So if you like your T-shirt more fitted to your body and are already small this might not work since they don`t come in XS.


As far as styling, these T-shirts are extremely versatile, anything from distressed jeans and Vans for a casual weekend look to a midi pencil skirt and court shoes to the office, they are your new best friend. I will link previous posts where I included V-necks in different outfits (1HERE, 2HERE, 3HERE ) but if you would like a 3 Ways to style V-necks post just let me know in the comments and I would love to do it.

If you managed to make it through this random post dedicated to a T-shirt you are the best, thank you for making it trough me rambling on. If you have any ideas for posts you would like to see from me just let me know I would love some fresh ideas now that I am getting back to blogging.

Till next time,                                                                                                                      Laura

5 thoughts on “Must Have ALERT – Zara V-neck T-shirt

  1. This is such a perfect basic! I love the V-neck. It seems I will have to pop into Zara sometime soon. šŸ™‚

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