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Yayyyyy I am back!!!!!!!! Yeah I know its been like a million years, but lets not dwell on that and look to the future where hopefully I keep up with this blogging thing (hopefully). Anyways what better way to start than by talking about a few of the things I have been loving since I have been gone .


My first beauty favorite is the Max Factor Lipfinity Colour + Gloss (the same as the Cover Girl Outlast) in the shade 530 Luminous Petal ( link ). It`s basically a long-lasting liquid lipstick just like the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge , but much cheaper. The colour I have been wearing almost daily is a beautiful dark nude with a rose undertone that will work for any skin tone in my opinion. The product is dual ended with the lipstick on one side and a gloss on the other. The lipstick dries to a matt finish which personally I love, so I tend not to use the gloss. As a long-lasting product it can dry off your lips so I make sure to remember to moisturize my lips as soon as I take it off. The lasting power is actually amazing I can eat and drink without worrying about it, on the flip side I need to be sure when I apply it that I won`t change my mind and want a different lipstick because it will not budge.  Next time I see a Max Factor counter I will have to pick up some more shades.

My next favorite is the Sleek Contour shade from the Sleek Contour Kit (LINK) (my shade is Light) I won`t go too much in to it here because I will be doing a full review of the contour palette, what I will say is that the contour shade is the best contour shade I have tried so far and I fully recommend it. If you want to know more of my thoughts on the palette and highlight the review will be up next week. 


For my fashion favorite I chose my Fosille Watch (LINK)(don`t know the exact style name) , it`s been an everyday staple ever since I got it a few months back. It can be the best addition to a uber relaxed outfit as well as any dressyer one. It goes with everything and it makes everything better. What can I say I am in love.


new in

The instagram account I chose is one that I have been loving for almost a year now. Here name is Lena Ker (@lenaker) and she has to be my favorite illustrator , which sais a loot since I love illustrators on instagram. I fully recommend her , she has a very classic feminine style that I personally love. I will add some of her illustrations so you can see just how talented she is.



I have chosen Klossy , Karlie Kloss`s new YouTube channel, as my YouTube favorite this month even though as we speak she has only 3 videos on it and I will explain why. A few months back I chose Jim Chapman as my favorite , it was during the Men`s London Fashion Weekend and I loved getting that sneak peek into that world that I am so intrigued by and will probably never get to experience. Well as far as I can tell Klossy will at least have some of those elements. I can`t say I am a fan of Karlie Kloss , I knew who she was and I had seen her in a few of Casey Neistat`s vlogs but the idea that a model of that scale is getting in a medium that is as intimate as YouTube vlogging intrigues me.



It has been a while since I have really loved a tv show and I was planning on leaving out this category all together but recently I have watched the latest season of The Bachelorette and before you throw rocks or anything I must confess I became a bit addicted. I know it’s no House of Cards but I found myself weirdly attracted to it and I have since tried other seasons of both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette and have been a bit disappointed. Kaitlin`s season is my favorite and the only one I managed to watch through. (my favorite guy was Ben H and hopefully he gets to be the next bachelor , I will watch that)


I am adding this new category mostly for myself , I don`t keep a journal so this is going to be my highlight of the month, that I will be able to look back on and see what was going on in my life . Hope you don`t mind , but I also hope that through this new category you can get to know me a bit better on a personal level.  Since this is a favorites for the last couple of months it`s a bit more difficult to decide what exactly to highlight but I finally chose the week I worked at  BRD Bucharest Open. You may or may not know about my passion for tennis and the fact that I work at tennis tournaments in Bucharest (both ATP and WTA). This last tournament has been a bit different from past ones in the way that personally I enjoyed myself more not just watching the matches and organizing (well I am obsessed with organizing anything, so that is also a big part of what I enjoy) . This tournament was more about meeting some great people, relaxing a bit and not stressing about everything going perfectly but being social, and having fun. Yes there was a boy too but even thought that didn`t work out I have to say I met some amazing people and may have discovered a new possible career path . So all in all a great experience and I have to single out my partner in crime Andreea who was there for everything and hopefully is also reading this as well, thank you for everything.

I mean if you got through all that babbling you deserve a prize , I promise my next favorites post won`t be this long but I have been away for so long that I had a lot of things to talk about and to catch you up on . Thank you for stopping by and hopefully I will see you again Friday for a new beauty post.


4 thoughts on “Current favorites

  1. Love the post! I was obsessed with Kaitlin’s season of The Bachelorette as well and I was wondering where you found past season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette? I want to watch Chris’ season!

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