Zara Queen of the Handbag DUPE

If you look around my blog you might notice my love of Zara Handbags (and Zara in general but today we are talking about bags). I have always enjoyed their designs and I also believe that they offer great quality products at a great price. 

In the past couple of seasons I have noticed more and more how some of their handbag designs are quite heavily inspired by popular high-end handbags . Couple of months back I got obsesses with one of their bags which was very much inspired by the Chanel Boy Bag (you can see some of those posts here and here). Lets be honest what are the chances that I will some day get to own the real deal?  So if there is a designer bag out there that you can`t seam to get out of your head check out the Zara website you might find it`s dupe. I chose only three handbags to feature but there are quite a few more who would meet the criteria. 

1. Celine Trapeze Bag 

                     Celine 2.300$                                            Zara 59.90$

 Celine-Trapeze-Bagzara handbag

 After the entire world seemed to have gotten a Celine Luggage Tote and it became so “basic” the cool girls switched to the Trapeze Bag. What I love about this bag is the practicality of it while still having a very modern design. I think it would make the perfect everyday bag for anyone who just like me seems to carry their whole livest around with them. As for the design I love how you can really personalize your own bag with the colors you chose for it, something that you can`t do in the case of the Zara bag (it only comes in this combination as well as a dusty baby blue shade), even though I think the Zara design team chose a good color palette that will please most customers .

2. Chloe Drew Shoulder Bag

                                   Chloe 1.650$                            Zara 69.90$

                          chloe drew bag           zara handbag

In my opinion this bag has become the new “it” bag, everyone and their mother seems to have gotten one, so I guess it will also be a hit for Zara as well. The design is again strikingly similar especially when you put them side by side. The Zara only comes in this hunter green shade (which I think will be great for the upcoming season) while in the Chloe  there are quite a few shades and combinations you can get.

3. Louis Vuitton Alma PM 

            Louis Vuitton 2.120$                                         Zara 69.90$

louis-vuitton-alma-pm-epi-leather-handbags--M40302_PM2_Front viewzara studed bag 

This bag has been on my “Dream Handbags ” list for ages now ( what ? doesn`t everyone have a dream handbags list ? ) . As for this dupe I think that the overall shape is quite similar , it even comes with the key pouch. The studded finish is what throws it off for me but I think that a loot of girls will actually prefer that. Zara also offers two more versions of this bag in white and dark red/black that have a bit of Celine Luggage Tote inspiration thrown in as well ( check those out here and here)

What do you think of this “dupe” designs that Zara has come out with? Do you think it`s ripping off the designers? Also let me know if you have been lusting over one of this bags and are now planning to get the Zara version.

Thanks for reading , see you again on Sunday!


11 thoughts on “Zara Queen of the Handbag DUPE

  1. Zara is doing a good job giving us an opportunity to carry one of those without spending a fortune we dont have 😀
    I especially love the Chloe shoulder bag.

  2. Celine , Chloe and Louis Vuitton featured here are not earth-shatteringly unique designs , there must be lots more in these designs and Zara has managed to make aesthetic changes in the designs. So its ok I guess !

  3. I think some of the Zara bags are great. Although, I have this this with designs that become too much of a copy – it is off-putting to me, I would rather choose a similar style, but one that does not look quite the same. Mind you, it is difficult for any designer or high-street brand to design something new, everything has been done before by now, so they might all look a bit like someone`s previous design 🙂

  4. Lovely choices! These are some of the best-looking modern bags I’ve seen. On the other hand, how about searching out a fabulous true vintage handbag? If your sleuthing skills aren’t the best, go to eBay or Etsy for great selections at excellent value. These bags, even when in used condition, are of such high quality and style that they’ll likely out-last anything new that you buy. And, the superior design and elegance of many – what more can I say . . . . . . . . . .

  5. I love the knock off of the Alma PM. I never go into Zara because my perception is that they only make clothes for very tall, very skinny people but maybe I need to go and check out the bags!

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