September MoodBoard

Today I wanted to try a new series on my blog called monthly MoodBoard. The aim of this new series is to get me and possibly you too excited about the coming month. Sometimes we don`t even notice how negative our mindsets can be, and how much we focus on how busy the next month will be or how much work has accumulated and any other negative thought that goes to our head when thinking about the coming moth. I am personally a great fan of new beginnings , I am so much more productive in the mornings or in the beginning of every week or in the beginning of every month , I just really enjoy the feeling of what has passed has passed now I have a whole new opportunity to do my best in every aspect of my life. Sorry I know I went a bit on a tangent there but if you stick it out for a bit longer I promise I will get to my point.

Anyways this series will be all about the things that excite me about the coming month, anything from style inspiration to what is on my wish list that month, to food, home design , places I will be visiting. It will be a mesh mash of Pinterest-esque photos that will hopefully get you too excited about all the great things that will be happening in the next month. You can expect these posts at the beginning of every month on my blog usually on Sundays. Yay now let`s get started with September.

september moodboard

For me September is still a month of holiday , since I go back to classes on october 1st , so no back to school inspiration for me yet (although it will take a whole lot of pretty Pinterest photos of stationary to get me excited about classes). What I look forward to for September is for the weather to cool off a little , finally see some rain, get some cosy days in .

Food and Drinks

 1    I am a huge fan of baking , but in the summer is not something I do often ,but as soon as fall comes and the weather cools off I get streight back into it. I am a huge fan of apple cinnamon anything in the fall so this recipe for apple cinnamon pull apart bread will be the first thing I bake on a rainy day ( you can find the recipe here if you want to try it too)

Now don`t get me wrong I love a Sturbucks any season but there is just something about getting a nice hot Starbucks when outside is getting chilly and maybe a little drizzly, it just tastes so much better. So I am excited to head to Starbucks in old town on a chilly day in my cable knit sweater and just sit outside people watch and gossip with a friend about our summer.


2. This picture is a great example of my fall style I love layering basic pieces maybe throw on a scar and presto a stylish little fall outfit. I don`t know, I am so board of the hot weather and can`t wait to get back to wearing my skinny black jeans and leather jacket .

4. One of my favorite fall accessories are these type of felt hats , and this particular Zara one is definitely on my shopping list this month. What I really like about it apart from the color ( I live in black, grey and white in the fall) is the width of the rim , since I am quite petit I look best in hats with smaller rims that don`t swallow me up.(link)

7. My last style obsession for this month are the Nike Air Max 90, I have never been a huge fan of the wedge sneaker trend but as I have mentioned I am quite petit so I could use the extra height. Anyways I have been obsessed withe these bad boys for a while now and the time has finally come .

Home and Lifestyle

3. I am so that person that changes up their room for the coming season and since September is the first month of fall I am excited to add some new accessories like this wreath of leaves (link to DIY post for this wreath) .

5. The number one thing I like using in my room for the cold season are different textures like knits and faux furs.

8. I love having fresh-cut flowers in my room and with the cold season approaching I plan on taking full advantage of getting some this month.

What are you excited for, for September ? I would love to know!


11 thoughts on “September MoodBoard

  1. Thanks, this was great. And I liked that you took the time/space to explain your philosophy about new beginnings. Your post is the little boost I need right now. Oh, I can totally see the hat with the #2 outfit.

  2. I love this idea; and I totally agree about beginnings just being refreshing and making you excited! It’s why I love doing my Sunday planner spreads because it just feels like shedding the skin and anything negative that might have happened the previous week and looking forward to all the things to come.

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