TrendBreakdown Lifestyle: Adult Coloring Books

Todays TrendBreakdown is all about coloring books for adults. I first heard about these back in spring and got mine a few months ago. I personally consider myself a creative and visual person and I have really always wanted to be able to draw or have some other way to exercise my creativity. So that is probably the main reason I wanted one of these but what I discovered is so much more. It really is a great way to relax as well take your mind off things and just do something with your hands.

coloring-book-adults-fantastic-cities-steve-mcdonald-fb   I find they are also something that you can do with your kids or in my case my little sister , she has her own book and the fact that it is something more intricate than a children’s coloring book both excites and challenges her, as well as myself, to be honest looking at how creative she can be also pushes me. garden_main.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart

I know the holidays are still a few months away but honestly I feel like these books will save me a lot of head scratching over gift ideas, I have already had so many of my friends look into getting one just with mentioning them , I  feel like we don`t do enough creative things in our day-to-day lives and we crave it, so these little books are such a simple inexpensive and honestly easy way of doing that. johanna-basford-coloring-books-for-adults-06

If you can`t fine one in your local book store (even thou I think you will , if they got to Romania ) you just need to search online and you will find anything and everything you can dream of. I recommend looking into Millie Marotta and Johanna Basford`s books , they have some great illustrations in there as well as a good variety of different theme books.Millie-Marotta-tropical-wonderland-img2

These are a few that I have skimed over in the bookstore and completly reccomend!

What do you think of these? Had you heard of them , or have I convinced you to get one?


12 thoughts on “TrendBreakdown Lifestyle: Adult Coloring Books

  1. I have been using these colouring books for the last few months as an aid to combat my anxiety. Colouring is very soothing and calms my worried brain. Just got a new one for my birthday.

  2. I found those when i was travelling in Australia! at first I was surprised, in Italy we don’t have them, thery are considered for kids, and you don;t find them anywhere, but I got curious, and discovered that they are kind of famous out side Italy!!! I want to try them!

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