Clarins True Radiance Foundation Review

  Out of all makeup products I think foundations are my favorite to experiment with. I love having a good base, it can make or break any makeup look, in my oppinion a good base is crucial.

  For an everyday base I prefer a light to medium coverage with a satin or natural finish that looks like skin as much as possible. My skin type is quite dry/dehydrated so keep that in mind as well.


  This is my first time trying a Clarins foundation , it was recommended to me by  one of the lovely girls at Sephora after telling her about my skin and what I was looking for. To be honest I was there looking for the Too Faced Born this Way foundation, I was a day early (eager as always, makeup addict anyone?) and the girl really sold me on this one instead. This is pretty huge for me since I never get something without doing a thorough research prior, so she definitely deserves a raise.

  Now lets talk about the product itself; you can tell just by the name that this is a luminous finish foundation , it also claims to give you ” Perfect Skin” which in my opinion will happen only if you already have pretty good skin to start with, it doesn`t do too well with covering spots. The two other claims are that it even`s and illuminates the skin, here I am fully on board it does both those things quite well. I also enjoy the added SPF even if it isn`t too high and according to Clarins it also offers some skincare benefits including protection against pollution (sign me up).

  The packaging is great, the glass bottle feels very good quality and the pump makes it easy to control the quantity you want. I also really like the little detail of the Clarins red on the inside of the cap. 


  As far as I can tell this foundation is quite a new release and it`s not available in the US at least not quite yet. The price is 27£ which is comparable to Makeup For Ever and Too Faced and quit a bit cheaper than other “high-end” foundations (Chanel, Dior etc.) .

The shade range is not huge ( 10 shades) it is pretty good on the light end of the scale but for darker skin tones it doesn`t fair as well.

  The coverage is light but can be built up to medium, it evens out the skin nicely and if you have redness it will take care of that but it won`t cover any spots thou, which I don`t mind a bit of Makeup For Ever Full Cover and I was good to go. The good part of the light coverage is that it feels like nothing and looks just like skin.


  I got matched to the shade 108 Sand but that was over a month ago so I would need to go lighter soon. I apply it with my fingers since it is quit liquid in consistency a brush or makeup sponge just eats it up. It blends very easily and almost sinks into the skin. I do find that one coat is ok for if I am just going to class and that is it , but for a better coverage I usually do two coats to build it up.

  Since I have dry skin and I do enjoy a dewy look I don`t wear any powder , but I think for someone with oily or even normal skin you will need to use a powder. The lasting power is ok but not great , if you wear it more than 5-6 hours it will kind of disappear . OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  Personally I have really enjoyed this foundation for my everyday quick and easy look , it`s nothing exceptional but I think it might be amazing for those who have really dry skin and struggle with finding a foundation. I do think that in a month or so this shade will be too dark and I don`t think I will get another shade , I still really want to try the new Too Faced , but that doesn`t mean I was disappointed with the purchase.

  Have you tried any Clarins foundations before? I would love to know your thoughts on the brand in general. Also if you have tried the Too Faced Born this Way foundation let me know your thoughts!!!!!  


7 thoughts on “Clarins True Radiance Foundation Review

  1. Completely agree with you on the note that your base, AKA foundation can make or break your makeup look. Before I settled for my current foundation; I spent weeks-months experimenting to find just the perfect shade and one that didn’t feel as cakey. Thankfully, I found an impeccable match!

    Great review; I would love to test try Clarins; wondering if they have something that is close to my complexion. Hmmmm…


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