The 5Breakdown – YouTube Daily Vloggers

On todays 5Breakdown I`m counting down my favorite YouTube daily/ weekly vloggers. If you are not familiar with YouTube and the vlogging scene , I`m sure this concept might sound a bit odd. I know that because I was there , I couldn`t understand what could possibly be so interesting about watching the ordinary day-to-day life of a stranger. Well trust me this is a dangerous path , you will soon find yourself getting up in the morning and watching all the vlogs in your subscription page before anything else.

5. Casey Neistat

Casey is a film maker from New York who made the transition to vlogging when he started developing his social media app Beme . What I enjoy about Casey’s vlogs is the production aspect , he takes his time with artistic shots of New York and any other place he might visit. If you like New York than his vlogs will certainly be a treat for you, he really loves the city and does a great job of showings us around.  Now to be honest I used to watch every single one of his vlogs , but they did get a bit repetitive for me. I also wanted to add that probably my favorite thing about his vlogs is his adorable daughter Francine who is probably the most happy and beautiful baby on the internet ( and we all know that You Tube was basically founded on cute babies ).

4. Tara Michelle

When compiling my list I noticed a lack of female vloggers , and I had to dig deep in my subscribed channels list to find one I could add. Tara`s channel might not be to everyone’s taste but I do find myself watching every week. She is 21 living in LA and goes to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Technology ) so she basically has my dream life. Another thing that made me chose her channel over other similar ones that I subscribe to is her consistency , she doesn`t post daily anymore , she does a weekly vlog which she posts Tuesdays without fail.

Similar : Fleur de Vlog, Chewing Sand (monthly), Bree loves Vlogs, Living like Lindsey

3. Jim Chapman


I know I have spoken about Jim`s vlogs before on the blog but I just had to include his channel in this post. Apart from being genuinely one of the nicest guys on You Tube , Jim also gets to do some amazing thing especially in the fashion side. He has become one of the popular fashion guys in the UK and I love seeing the behind the scenes side in his vlogs (how else will I get to experience how it`s like to go to a Bureberry fashion week show).

2. Fun for Louie


If you are dreaming of being on vacation Louis vlogs, are the next best thing. This guy rarely spends more than a few days in one place , and thru his vlogs you will experience a lifestyle that only a hand full of lucky individuals get to live.

Similar: Mr Ben Brown

1.The Michalaks

maxresdefault (1)

Now for my number one pick , the Michalaks weekly vlogs are my favorite thing to watch on You Tube. It is a family vlog but don`t be put off by that title. Hannah and Stef are both really nice and cool people. I honestly think their vlogs are better than a tv show on a sunday afternoon, they are over 30 min long and the editing music and artistic shots are all amazing. I know people who call themself ” film makers ” on You Tube and don`t do half as good a job as what Stef manages to do with a weekly vlog of  a family. My favorite thing about their vlogs has to be the subtitles they add under Grayson`s mumbles , they are the funniest thing in the world. Plus if you are a fan of castles and gardens shot in the most amazing way and complimented by the perfect soundtrack give them a shot.

What are some of your favorite vloggers, I would love to get some more reccomendations, to fuel my addiction.

Love Laura

20 thoughts on “The 5Breakdown – YouTube Daily Vloggers

  1. Great round up! I’ve never personally considered watching vlogs before but I have watched iiSuperwomanii’s as I watch her videos on youtube always AND man are they rather addicting!! Almost like an extremely good TV series and I absolutely have no self control when it comes to youtube or television. Thanks for sharing though lovely.


    1. I love Sammys vlogs as well , the reason I didn’t include her is because like Fleur she only does a month of daily vlogs from time to time, so I don’t consider her a daily vlogger.

  2. You know, I’m not really into watching vlogs but then again I’ve never really tried. The 5th pick of yours sounds like a fun place to start though so maybe I’ll try it out!

  3. I love all of these bloggers! I can’t wait to read more of your blog posts. Maybe we can even support each other? 🙂 Xox

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